Alien:Covenant is directed by Ridley Scott(Alien,The Martian) and stars Katherine Waterston(Inherent Vice,Fantastic Beasts and where to find them ), Billy Crudup(Watchmen,Jackie) Danny Mcbride(Sausage Party,Pineapple express) and Michael Fassbender(Assassins Creed,Steve Jobs) and is a sequel to Prometheus and a prequel to the 1976 “Alien”. If you’re a fan of the Alien series or just a someone who appreciates a good movie you have come across Ridley Scott’s name or our aware that he is a pioneer of the sci-fi movie with Alien,Blade Runner, and The Martian he has such a vivid imagination and a true talent with his use of practical effects and cinematography, I mean one of the many things I look forward to when seeing his movies is the landscape shots and wide shots of the location a movie would be taking place, his resume speaks for itself but even the greatest have to know when to give it a rest and never have I pondered on this question more then when I when walked out of this movie because though I do love the first two alien movies and would hope Ridley could do that with covenant and bring the imaginative and thriller elements back to Alien.

Now I don’t wanna be crass toward this movie because there are a long list of things it does right, and like I mentioned this film is beautiful the cinematography in this is breathtaking the landscape shots in this will leave you wide-eyed and even some of the futuristic elements of the ship there on and the shots of space left me in a daze, even the characters in this are also fantastic Danny Mcbride was great it’s good to see people like him step out of comedy for a moment and dip their toes in other genre’s and he was by far my favorite character, now even though danny is great I can’t give him all the credit Michael Fassbender has a lot on his shoulders and he carries this role nicely a lot of the second act revolves around him and his performance is all around phenomenal he has to play two characters and it only proves that he not only has the talent but the patience to do that.  But with the positives addressed it does not mean this movie doesn’t have its flaws and this is where my mind is conflicted because the premise to the first alien is so simple and still so intriguing and not since its sequel has there been an alien movie that has at least stayed true to its horror and sci-fi element and I really wanted covenant to be that considering Ridley is back and since this is a franchise that he himself created  I would hope that he would bring it back to what it was and even though there are flashes of it mostly towards the beginning the other side of it it feels forced there were times when the Xenomorph felt like a dinosaur eating people then it does feel like a creature that lurks in the shadows and even though it was nice to see some CGI with the xenomorph it gave it mobility and made the chest burster and now a back burster (which was really cool) even that more grotesque and violent it also makes the xenomorph hollow and clay-like and they never felt scary there was no tension between them and the humans, there were so many times it just felt like a slasher movie I mean there’s even a scene where two couples are showering and there both killed which is by far the most cliche thing that can be done especially coming from Ridley Scott.

Overall I thought this was passable but had so much potential to be a breath of fresh air Alien has so desperately needed which leaves me to give alien:Covenant a “C-” if you saw alien:Covenant what did you think? Comment below and if you like what you read like and subscribe for more.

King Arthur:Legend of the sword

King Arthur:Legend of the sword is directed by Guy Ritchie(Snatch,Sherlock Holmes) and stars Charlie Hunnam(Sons of Anarchy,Pacific Rim), Eric Bana(Hulk,Deliver us from evil), and Jude Law(Alfie,The talented Mr.Ripley ). I sit here just a little defeated and not the my team just lost game 7 and lebron james just hit the buzzer beater and now i’m sitting knowing that it’s all over with the fact my team did put in effort it just came down to a final shot…no this is more like my team gave up a 20 point lead and never caught up as the other team scored on us over and over again, if you don’t know what that’s like if you’re not a sports fan or you root for the patriots, let me tell you it’s truly awful and I hoped not to feel that way outside of a game and never when watching a movie because i’m a fan of Guy Ritchie and I knew the odds were against him another remake of King Arthur isn’t something that i don’t think anyone has been petitioning for but that’s not to say that i wouldn’t enjoy it and that maybe his rendition would be something that could turn into a cult hit slowly through the years much like a Knight’s Tale is, but after watching this I can say I feel more drained than excited.

This movie starts off with a great variety of establishing shots and a great action set piece of a kingdom being attacked by a giant elephant army that’s where the movie will have you hooked but after the sequence is over well so does my interest for this movie now like I said before I like Guy Ritchie I think Snatch is one of the most unique movies I have ever seen and I think his style of directing that quippy and fast style of dialogue and the way he sets up problem and solution is something only he can do but his style in this is so stifled and it comes off really awkward instead of brilliant, there are glimpses of his direction in this and it’s great to see but there so few and far between that eventually you forget he was even involved in this, as far as acting is concerned the cast in this is rock solid but the downside you won’t see it play out onscreen Aiden Gillan,Djimon Hounsou,and Jude Law make up the supporting cast and they all give a very mediocre performances which is the most frustrating thing because they’re all great actors but there choice of acting comes off as wooden and very uninterested.

Now I can’t put the blame on Mr. Ritchie totally and that’s when I look to to Warner brothers because this movie was supposed to be released in 2016 before they delayed it to the early part of May sandwiched between a very big marvel property and Aliens it also leads to believe that warner brothers probably didn’t stop there and that maybe they themselves put their own ideas of what this movie should of been much like they did when Suicide Squad and Batman vs. Superman came out and that’s there problem let the creator CREATE!!!! You have talented people behind this so let them do what they do best, and as a studio have some faith that they will do it right and do your part. There is a line that every other studio gets where they don’t bleed through and muscle in their vision because they don’t think that it will hit with an audience and that makes me believe that Warner Brothers should not hold any other big name properties because there lack of confidence has ruined the DC properties and now may have ruined King Arthur from ever being made again it’s difficult to see that and also makes me really angry that we don’t get see what could’ve been with this movie.

Overall I did not enjoy my time in the theater with this one I even went back the next day just to watch Guardians of the galaxy again just to wash out the bad taste that was this movie which only leads to say this movie is getting a “F” if you saw King Arthur comment below and give me your opinion of it and if you like what you read like and subscribe for more.

Guardians of the galaxy Vol. 2

Guardians of the galaxy vol. 2 is directed James Gunn and stars Chris Pratt(Jurassic World,Zero Dark Thirty), Zoe Saldana(Star Trek Beyond,Avatar),Bradley Cooper(Silver Linings Playbook,Hangover series) as the voice of rocket,Vin Diesel(fast and Furious franchise,pitch black franchise) as the voice of baby groot, and Kurt Russell(fate of the furious,Hateful Eight). In 2014 marvel released guardians of the galaxy a comic book series that was discontinued in the 70s but when the trailer was released it soon gained a lot of buzz and when it was released it also gained critical acclaim not just by critics but by fans to, it is by far my favorite marvel movie not only for its ragtag feel but the fact both of these movies are such great sci-fi world building movies the use of space and aliens reminds me of star wars, even in my theater there was kid behind me loving this movie it made me wish i was ten years old again growing up with a franchise like this has to be exciting to be experiencing.

Almost immediately the tone is set with this movie with a fight scene that really uses comedy in such a unique way with baby groot and of course it’s not a sequel without a great medley of 80s music those two things is such a hook and really straps you in by the end of the first couple of scenes,the chemistry between the team gels together so nicely, even some of the supporting cast work well around the guardians james gunn much like joss whedon is great at making multiple characters memorable and great at never missing a beat comedy wise i’m already quoting this movie with friends and making inside jokes it makes these movies so great on there on I only hope that during infinity war they get enough screen time I mean i prefer this as a standalone but it will be interesting to see the guardians of the galaxy fight alongside the avengers now not to say this movie is the greatest thing to happen to mankind it does have its flaw and it suffers from the same thing almost all these MCU movies suffer from….the third act is so bloated and excessive it’s something Kevin Feige and the rest of the disney executives seem to just love i did prepare myself for it going in but even this time I felt my self shifting in my seat waiting for the final fight to just get over with now I understand these movies always have to raise the stakes there summer tent pole movies and what’s a summer action movie without the problem being that the world is gonna blow up or gargantuas helicarriers falling to the ground something huge always has to occur and though i’m sure there is still a few that enjoy that but after the what seems like the uptenth time marvel needs to figure a way to end there movies better.

Overall I did love this movie it is one of the three marvel movies from disney though i’m really excited for spider-man and thor I am sure this one will stick with me more than those two will or even any other marvel movie has, im gonna give guardians of the galaxy vol.2 a “B+” if you saw guardians of the galaxy vol.2 what did you think? comment below and if you like what you read like and subscribe for more.

The Circle

The Circle is directed by James Ponsoldt(The End Of The Tour,Spectacular Now) and stars Emma Watson(Bling Ring, Harry Potter series) Tom Hanks(Forrest Gump,Sully), and John Boyega(Star Wars:the force awakens,attack the block). The trailer to this movie was the most intriguing thing I had seen it seemed like a slow thriller with a very talented cast I had my eye on this week just because all signs were green with this one, and I loved James Ponsoldt last movie the end of the tour about David Foster Wallace so i just knew it was going to be great. Now one thing that worried me was the fact i bought my ticket and saw the theater was near empty on the atom app and once I got there it was just a elderly couple who i’m sure just decided on a movie night, it does make me sad to see that a movie with such an interesting premise get the cold shoulder treatment and when studios see that it’s the main reason why they won’t give original ideas at least a foot in the door because they end up losing money.

Now the movie itself i’m very on the fence on because even though it sets itself up for something tense it never executes anything it was a bit confusing because the overall story is that mae holland(watson) is working a dead end job until her friend gets her a interview at this place called the circle a company similar to google where people use technology and the internet to market new ideas and apps but soon mae finds out that there’s a dark side to where technology can go and just how much her privacy is being ruined. now even though the cast in this is great even a few people like Bill Paxton(may he rest in peace) and Karen Gillan, no one is particularly written well not even Watson who is the main character really are able to give great performances and it stifles them as actors even boyega who is played up to possibly be this person who basically created the circle and is set up to be this person who wants to fix everything never really does anything in the end expect watching things from a distance and being quiet, even Hanks who is the very definition of acting doesn’t have a lot of screen time is subjected to the steve jobs type of character who gives a lot panels about there products I really feel like he should of been the focal point of this or show his point of view because he is the antagonist of this but it never feels like he is. Now the thing this movie does really well is that it brings a great topic up of we as a society love to share our lives with others but how much do we respect our own privacy and how we would feel if someone could watch us at any moment and just how accessible something…or someone can be there were a lot times where I felt a sinking feeling because you can see how engulfed someone’s life can be by social media and it feels like these people are living in a different world apart from the real one.

Overall i’ll say this movie is pretty messy and full of plot holes but it does have something to say about us as a society, even if don’t get to a theater to see this it does feel like this is the type of movie that will play 90 times on FX throughout the week so you will have the chance to see this in a few years, i’m going to give the circle a “C” if you say the circle what did you think? Comment below and if you like what you read like and subscribe for more.

Alien (1979)

With Alien:Covenant being released in a few weeks I went back and revisited the 1979 classic film alien, it’s exciting to see just how far this franchise has come and the directors who have helmed it but none of them can touch the first one made by Ridley Scott and to see it again and realize this movie still brings chills and a look that has aged very nicely makes me hope that this go-around Covenant can be the thing that makes Alien exciting again.

Now the first twenty minutes of this movie are completely silent it’s just a slow crawl of the emptiness of space, and as the camera pans the title of the movie it gives you a feeling of unease and the darkness of the rooms of the ship and just the dull lights of the buttons that control the ship. Honestly I like this part it’s like the calm before the storm, I feel like in any other movie that amount of time with nothing happening would kill the tone but ridley finds the perfect balance to just let the horror brew. The cast of this movie is one that as time has gone by you realize just how great most of them have become like Tom Skerritt and John Hurt and even the great Sigourney Weaver who really holds her own here as a female lead actress. Now before I actually mention the xenomorphs or the facehuggers the egg design was always the creepiest thing because just how slimy and vile they looked and that they opened up at the top to let the egg let out the facehuggers it made me sick the first time and even now it churns my stomach to see H.R Giger who was the concept artist for alien was a sick and twisted evil genius just a truly a icon for this and though the Xenomorph is his master design I think the eggs are a close second.

Now the Xenomorph itself is such a great alien design what i love about it is that you never really see it, you always get headshots and its lurking in the shadows gives it a rodent feel like it’s just living among you and that makes it that much scarier. Also though i’m sure it wasn’t even in the rough draft of the script but the fact that the alien’s blood is made of acid makes the movie that much more complicated because it’s not a simple kill now the rest of the movie is trying to find a way to get this thing off there ship or just escaping all together. This is such a classic if you have never seen alien honestly take the time to see this you can find it anywhere it’s no more than 5 dollars at a wal-mart or even a few dollars to rent on google play it’s perfect for a movie night with some friends.

Overall I love this movie i’m giving it a “A”, if you have seen alien though comment below and let me know what you thought and if you like what you read like and subscribe for more.

Quick Thoughts: The Last Jedi Teaser Trailer

I’m roughly 72 hours removed from the the teaser for the last jedi and i’ve seen it a thousand times since it was released on friday morning now I love star wars. It has been my favorite franchise since i was 13 years old and with the last two installments (Force Awakens,Rogue One) it has only gotten me more amped up and what a time it is to be a star wars fan not only for myself, but for the millions of us who have been waiting for a new trilogy and hopefully we get all the answers we need that the Force Awakens laid out for itself. Now there are some points I noticed throughout the trailer and wanted to share them with all of you.

  • I have a good feeling that a pretty big chunk of this movie will take place on Anch-To the islands luke was hiding on in the Force Awakens which also means we will get some great training montages (cue the 80s music).

  • hopefully we get more captain phasma in this new movie because i’m still scratching my head as to why she continues to receive such a big push in the marketing and i know Boba Fett had a lot of hype around him but at least he died…

  • we don’t really get a good look at them but the First Order gorilla walkers will be in full use in this movie they are new and improved AT-AT type vehicles there called gorilla walkers since there front heavy and it appears the first order are still pretty torn about what happened to Harambe.

  • Force tree was a great story arc in the comics and to see it come to the life on the silver screen is going to exciting.

  • I still don’t know how i’m gonna react to Luke wielding a lightsaber again but i’m sure it’ll be kind of embarrassing and i’m sure I won’t care at the moment.

  • you know how every baseball team has some type of food that if you visit the ballpark you have to try? like the Giants have their famous garlic fries or the Dodgers have there footlong hotdog with a thousand toppings on it, well just like baseball it’s not a true star wars experience unless you see a space battle and does the battle in this one look amazing and no sign of a circular planet destroyer anywhere (let out a sigh of relief).

  • Finn took a huge L in episode 7 so I hope that guy bounces back and gets some revenge in this movie and if he gets called a traitor again he lashes out that’s all I ask.

  • it was so sad to hear Carrie Fisher won’t be in episode 9 so to see general leia one last time on screen will be emotional, but also a nice send off i’m sure of it.

  • the last line in this movie is luke saying the “jedi must end” and everyone has been up in arms about it is luke going dark? will rey turn to the dark side? will Kylo kill him? Look all I have to say is that the force relies on balance and there’s never been balance the sith were extinct for thousand of years at the time of the prequels and the jedi have been gone for close to 50 years so clearly this balance has never existed and I think Luke is trying to find a new way to approach the force because this light side/dark side has never worked so calm down everyone, grab a glass of blue milk and will all find out in december what were in store for.

If you saw the the last jedi trailer comment below and let me know what you thought of it, and if you like what you read then leave a like and subscribe for more.

Fate Of The Furious

Fate of the Furious is directed by F Gary Grey(Straight Outta Compton,Italian Job)  and stars Vin Diesel(XXX series,Pitch Black) Dwayne Johnson(Hercules,San Andreas)  and stars some newcomers like Charlize Theron(Mad Max:Fury Road,Prometheus) Jason Statham(Spy,The Transporter) Kurt Russell(Death Proof,The Hateful Eight) and Helen Mirren now since this is the the 8th installment to this franchise and I did have my worries about whether it should of continued without Paul Walker considering the way number 7 ends it really feels like they would send it off, but after its amazing run in the box office making 1.5 billion Universal continue its goal of ten movies and it’s good to see the spirit of these movies have not left.

Now as someone who lives to watch movies i’m not the kind to stick my nose in the air and only wanna see some obscure french film I have a lot of fun with action films i mean you’re reading a blog by someone who owns fant4stic on dvd (and now all my subscribers are gone…) But I can watch something and love how over the top it is and this is how the fast series has been since number 5 and at some point they became self aware of how ridiculous it has become I mean they brought the king of self aware Kurt Russell into these movies, and again these movies have set the bar really high in 2015 when number 7 was released cars are falling out of buildings,planes, and mountains and it’s all so great to see. Now for anyone who has ever seen any of these movies and doesn’t like them because they’re not believable then they missed the point of course someone can’t drive a car on fire through the busy streets of cuba or block bullets with a lamborghini door or drive on a frozen lake bed in Russia or block a submarine explosion with a few cars but that’s what makes these movies great and I had so much fun watching this and if you wanna spend some time being just entertained then absolutely check this movie out.

Honestly it’s a bit hard to review these type of movies so sit back in a wife beater, drink a Corona at a BBQ and enjoy yourself i’m giving Fate of the Furious a “B”. If you like what you read please leave a like and if you like what you read subscribe for more.