Beauty And The Beast (2017)

eu_batb_flex-hero_header_r_430eac8dBeauty and the beast is the newest live-action remake by disney, directed by Bill Condon and starring Emma Watson(Harry Potter series,Bling Ring) as Belle, Luke Evans(Dracula Untold,Fast And Furious 6) as Gaston, Josh Gad(Frozen,Book of Mormon play) as Lafou and Dan Stevens(The Guest,Downton Abbey) as the Beast. Disney’s has been keeping this trend of remaking all there classic 2D films into live-action adaptations and some have worked incredibly well with the new facelift (Jungle Book) and others that should’ve just stayed in the “Disney Vault” (Pan) and Beauty And The Beast is definitely one that deserves a modern age retelling.


the 1991 classic was nominated for best picture that year and has withstood the test of time so it’s exciting it’s getting the live-action remake, which the main criticism for this has been that the live-action remakes have been nothing but shot-for-shot transitions of the the classic and don’t need to be remade anyways, which isn’t necessarily the problem Beauty And The Beast though there are a lot of sequences that are in the 2D animated movie, the biggest highlight for myself was that every character finally had some depth to them which the one who got the most character development was Lafou who during the press tour of this movie it was announced that he was going to be the first openly gay character in a disney movie which works well in this movie, Josh Gad was great as Lafou and the fact he was gay actually made his character work so much better Gad adds such color and a comedic feel to Lafou, Luke Evans as Gaston is a solid performance and gives Gaston a better approach as a villain he feels so much more hateable and I was even surprised at well Evans is as a singer, the main positive is that Belle and the Beast finally have a back story to them there’s a new scene that introduces why Belle’s mom is never mentioned in the older film that adds new depth to her and even adding to the beast how decorated in education he was and how this spell has made him really bitter and angsty, the other thing that this movie does well is that the romance between the two of them is better executed it gives you a warm, nostalgic feel for romance and the ordinary girl gets her prince charming tale that disney does so well in all their older films.


The cinematography and CGI in this film are great, but there was a few times it was pretty blatant that there was some type of green screen in the shot or the motion capture of the beast and his servants would look just a bit off and would be distracting. The servants however were great looking all the i guess you would call appliances such as Lumiere,Cogsworth,and Mrs. Potts and her son Chip were my favorite part of this movie each had their own way about them that made had me grinning from ear to ear the whole time, even the voice cast for the servants was incredible Ian Mckellan,Ewan Mcgregor, and Emma Thompson make up some of the cast and it was so good to hear their voices with these characters.
Beauty and the Beast was a great time in the theater if you’re a fan of the classic then this is a must-see and even if you’re not a fan or have never seen the original this is a great time if you have a family and want to see something in a theater. I’m giving Beauty and the Beast a “B-”. If you have seen Beauty and the beast what did you think? comment below and if you like what you read like and subscribe for more. 

Kong:Skull Island

Kong-Skull-Island-Final-Official-Trailer-6Kong: Skull Island is the newest adaption of the cinematic gorilla. Directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts with an all-star cast consisting of Tom Hiddleston(Avengers,Crimson Peak) Samuel L. Jackson(Avengers,Pulp Fiction) Brie Larson(Room,Trainwreck) John Goodman(The Big Lebowski,Argo) and the strong supporting cast of Corey Hawkins(Straight Outta Compton,24:Legacy) Jason Mitchell(Straight Outta Compton) and John C. Reilly(Boogie Nights,Step Brothers). For the first time since 2005 King Kong has been on the silver screen.

Kong takes place in the 1970’s during the vietnam war era where two scientists Bill Conrad(Goodman) and Houston Brooks(Hawkins) go to an island, lost in the midst of the Pacific Ocean, to find proof that there are creatures inhabiting it. Once they begin their expedition, so does the exposition and introduction of all the characters in a quick and easy way (something the last kong movie didnt do). Upon the arrival at the island, the characters just felt like filler to die throughout this movie. It focuses on the humans and thats probably the worst thing about it because there is nothing to care about with any of them and I feel the all star cast was supposed to be a distraction because there’s a good chance that you wont remeber anything except the actor or actress who played them. When Kong was going through the marketing process one thing I heard was that there was going to be a lot more screen time for King Kong which sounded exciting. But when it came time to see the movie it really hurt the pacing of the first and second act because once they show the destruction that kong havoks on the people, the movie tries to find new ways to keep itself fun. One way it does that is by bringing in a new character named Hank Marlow(Reilly) who quickly becomes the comic relief. He breaks up the second act just enough to get to another fight scene.

Though it may sound like all I’m doing is bashing the movie, there are plenty of positives. The biggest one is that this movie takes big loud and exciting cinema and turns it up a few notches. If you do get to see Kong it really is worth the few extra dollars to see it in an IMAX screening. All the creature designs are truly incredible, all the fight scenes will have you wide eyed, and your jaw dropped within the first few seconds. If you’re a fan of monster movies (which there is no way you aren’t) the adreline kick this movie gives you will have you on the edge of your seat. Along with its fun action, the cinematopgraphy has a very warm color pallete and the scenery is breath taking. There are a lot of shots of the sun setting, rising and a few shots of a full moon that Jordan Vogt-Roberts uses to show how big Kong is in scale. The film includes helicopters flying into battle that give a very reminscent feel of the movie “Apocalypse Now”. It’s a joy to look at and it deserves all the praise for how well it was executed. Another thing to take note of is how good the soundtrack is in this movie. There’s a lot of music from Jefferson Starship, The Stooges, Black Sabbath, and Credence Clearwater Revival; they really put you in that early 70s era. Even the orchestral type of music  placed during fight scenes set pieces and stand out in a positive way.

If you wanna see a popcorn blockbuster type of movie and want to be entertained for a few hours by watching big monsters fight an even bigger monster, then this is definitely the movie you don’t wanna miss out on. It has an end credit scene that will have you pumped if you grew up watching the old classic monster series. If you saw Kong: Skull Island, what did you think? Comment below and if you like what you read like and subscribe for more.

Get Out

Get Out

Though it’s late I went to the theater tonight to see “Get Out” after seeing the rave reviews it has been getting, it only made sense to see for myself and this movie is without a doubt the best thing i’ve seen this year its powerful performances and unique take on the horror movie genre that has been done. This movie is a must see for any fan of thriller/horror.

This is Jordan Peele’s directorial debut and he really shows his knowledge and talent of horror which is also subsequent with his use of comedy he blends both of those genres really well and it’s going to be exciting to see his future as a director. One of the solid parts of this movie is Daniel Kaluuya(Black Mirror,Sicario) his performance is the biggest highlight and it’s also going to be exciting see how his career will pan out after this movie, but the acting in this movie and the cast is perfect Allison Williams(Girls)plays the girlfriend to the main antagonist and even she has this great back and forth and good working chemistry with Kaluuya even her parents Catherine Keener(Being John Malkovich,Capote) and Bradley Whitford(The Cabin In The Woods, Saving Mr. Banks) were so unsettling and are the leverage for the horror aspect to this movie even Keith Stanfield(Straight Outta Compton,Atlanta) who has been popping up everywhere the last two years has the most potential to blossom into a main lead character. But to touch more on the parents Catherine Keener is so creepy in this movie she plays a therapist who has the ability to hypnotize and manipulate people’s minds, it’s already scary to think someone can control your mind but to see it played out on film and seeing her calm attitude and prowess it makes her a very notable antongist. Milton Howery(The Carmichael Show) is the comic relief and I had the biggest laughs whenever he was on screen he broke the thriller tension up very nicely whenever he was given dialogue he had such a witty and fast way to his comedy and it was fun to watch, even Betty Gabriel who is given a supporting role but even when she is on screen she always has this posture and tone that always felt like she was invading your personal space.

The plot of this movie has raised a lot of concern that it is racially dividing but in my personal opinion it uses real life talking points about how we view other races and uses it in a very over the top and satural way and has fun with it in a way that isn’t distasteful, but if there is anything to take note of is how original Get Out is it’s so refreshing to see a thriller movie in the early parts of the year actually turn out to be good and it absolutely deserves its near perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes. It’s a must see and if still playing in theaters take the time to see it.

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“Logan” is the newest entry by 20th century fox, the third stand-alone movie for the Wolverine, and the first time one of these films has received a R-rating.  That’s the thing you notice right away: in no way does this film pull its punches. The violence is so realistic and gory it’s almost raid-esque with how you see wolverines claws slashing limbs off, blood spurting, organs spewing, and a few times heads are actually rolling.  It brought the mutant down to a realistic level.

 This movie takes place a few years after “Days of Future Past” and at this point there are no mutants left. Logan, played by Hugh Jackman (X-men series,Les Misérables) is the last remaining member of the X-men and old age has caught up to him. His healing powers work very slowly and the anamantium in his body is poisoning him. He’s bitter and has been beaten down on a physical and emotional level. It leaves him dishelved and angry, along with Professor X who is suffering from a brain disease and is hiding from the government because he has been deemed a High level threat. The other thing that I took note of was the swearing in this movie. What threw me off was hearing Professor X swear and even wolverine, only because they never did it casually before. But in a movie, where both of these characters are at the end of the road, it makes a lot more sense to have them do that.

The secondary characters in this movie really knock it out of the park. Especially Laura, played by Dafne Keen, though she doesn’t have a lot of dialogue she holds her part really well and she has this great scowl throughout the movie. The villains have such a menacing presence like Pierce, played by Boyd Holbrook (Narcos,Gone Girl). He was a rough bounty hunter who was always a step ahead of the characters he was tracking. 

Keeping to the ‘spoiler free’ tone I’ve tried to uphold it’s really hard to talk about my complaints without ruining the ending. However, in a vague description, the only thing that was never explained was the disappearance of the other x-men and the fact that some characters in this movie are trying to reach a destination and it never touches on if they reach said destination, in fact, it put an incomplete feel to this movie. Overall this isn’t a movie you wanna miss. It’s a gritty and emotional send off of the former movies. It’s powerful and respectful to the old x-men franchise, as it should be. 

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Quick Thoughts: Oscar Recap 2017

Not even 24 hours removed from the Oscars; my thoughts are still fairly fresh and I’ll just give a quick rundown of each major category. So without further ado here it is…

Best supporting actress: Viola Davis was my pick of this year and I’m beyond excited she won for her role in “Fences”. She was by far my favorite part in that movie and her speech almost made me stand up in the middle of my living room and applaud her. She is an American treasure and one of the hardest working actresses in hollywood right now.

Best Supporting Actor: This was a toss up, Vegas had the odds on Jeff Bridges but Mahershala Ali was fantastic. His performance in ‘Moonlight’ is the foundation of that movie and it was totally deserving in my opinion. I’m glad to see he won but I would have been just as happy to see Bridges take home the gold.

Best Director: At just 31 years old Damien Chazelle is already making his name in Hollywood. His vibrant and nostalgic use of jazz music and love of the old school Hollywood movies is what makes La La Land such an iconic movie and his direction is the cherry on top.

Best Actor: Now I may be alone on this boat here but the fact that Casey Affleck won for Manchester By The Sea is very underwhelming. As great as his performance was it doesnt hold a light to Andrew Garfield or even Denzel Washington. They are the first thing I think of when someone mentions “Hacksaw Ridge” or “Fences” and carry their films respectfully, which in my opinion, isn’t the first impression I get of Affleck. Not to trash him but this category was leaning heavily towards everyone else; it felt out of place that he won.

Best Actress: Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling have the best chemistry in La La Land it’s going to be exciting to see whether they work together again in the future. Overall Emma is the glue of La La Land, her singing and acting gave me a remiscince of Barbara Streisand which is always good company to be in. Emma was the strongest nominee and it rightfully went to the best actress.

Best Picture: Even if you didn’t watch the show last night you undoubtly heard about the situation that La La Land won best picture and then it turned out the envelopes had gotten switched, only to show that Moonlight was the real winner. This is one bothered me a bit. I’ve been gushing about La La Land since December and for good reason: its stunning, vibrant,and so much more than a musical. It’s a statement about modern Hollywood and a love letter to jazz music and the golden days of Hollywood. Its 14 nominations and 6 wins shows how brilliant La La Land is and to not give it Best Picture was criminally underhanded.

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A Cure For Wellness Review

Gore verbinski has always had a interesting career, but has never had solid footing in mainstream success which has always puzzled me considering his resume is something to ponder on I mean his direction of the first pirates of the Caribbean movie was dazzling and has aged well, but not can be said about its sequels, and even the ring as horrifying as it is he never tried his hand at horror after that, but after the disaster Lone Ranger was and his dismissal from Disney I think a few years off would put him in the right mind to make another movie that would be on par with his earlier work and after seeing the trailer for his recent project I had high hopes that A cure for wellness would be that movie and I’m not so sure…..
Walking out it took me awhile to really analyze the movie as a whole I couldn’t figure if everything I saw was secretly brilliant or it was a jumbled mess disguised as something slightly good. The movie does look great and that’s accredited to Mr. Verbinski the movie has this green and blue tint that gives it a eerie feeling at all times especially when the movie is in the asylum. Its use of establishing shots and overall cinematography are great if im going to give it praise for something that’s definitely the biggest highlight I can go with. The movie itself however struggles to keep any real suspension even though its marketed as a thriller, whenever any real tension is built up such as when a character finds it a secret or if another character isn’t who they say they are either the movie will show a quick edit of something weird or countless times it would be a dream sequence and it would cheapen anything that happened prior.
The acting in this movie is ok no one person stood out to me as great. Dane Dehaan(Chronicle,Spider-Man) plays Lockhart a wall-street broker going to the Swiss alps to get his boss from this rehab center in the Swiss mountains. Even though I haven’t seen Dehaan in a lot of films I do give him props for some of the physical torture he goes through in this movie, it was almost unbearable to watch and even Mia Goth(Everest,Nymphomaniac) who hasn’t had a lot of work yet goes through some very WTF scenes in the third act that also had me squirming in my seat. 
Overall this movie struggles to scare or even thrill and though it may take a few times to watch to fully understand where its going, I doubt anyone will take the time to do so i’m going to give A Cure For Wellness a “D”. If you saw this movie comment and tell me what you thought, and leave a like and subscribe for more.

The Lego Batman Movie

​In 2014 Warner Brothers released The Lego Movie and it took everyone by surprise just how great it was. The witty dialogue and that fast paced humor really set it apart from most kid’s movie, I mean almost immediately after leaving the theater I was singing that “everything is awesome” song. It also put Lorde and Miller a duo of directors who had done the 21 Jump Street movies before this into a positive light and showed that they have a really knack for comedy.
 But after the successful run of Lego Movie a sequel and some spin off movies were greenlit one of them being the Lego Batman Movie directed by Chris Mckay(Lego movie,Robot Chicken) and a all-star cast of Will Arnett(Batman) Michael Cera(Robin) and Zach Galfinakis as the Joker, and this movie shares the same spirit and the same type of comedy that the Lego Movie has it hits all its jokes and never stops until the end its so fast-paced i’m almost sure I missed a few jokes by laughing at the ones prior to it for so long. 
One of the things I noticed almost immediately after the jokes was the colors used in this movie, it has this great tone of orange and a array of dark colors to give you a good look of how Gotham City is it really gives this movie a feel reminiscent to the other Batman movies. I also loved the use of the supporting characters outside of Batman like “Barbara Gordon” and “Alfred Pennyworth” are great characters that compliment the jokes being used but one character I really liked was “Robin” Michael Cera(Arrested Development,SuperBad) has a voice for cartoons and i’m glad to see him putting it to use in the last couple of years, but his voice as Robin was such a great use of energy and warm light-heartdness that i couldn’t help but grin at his back and forth with Batman because he was a lovable character that just wanted a family. 
Overall I loved watching this movie its a perfect family movie that keeps kids and adults interested im going to give Lego Batman a “A”.
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