Mother! is directed by Darren Aronofsky(The Wrestler,Black Swan) and stars Jennifer Lawrence(Hunger Games,Joy), Javier Bardem(No Country for old men,Pirates of the caribbean), Ed Harris(Remember the titans,Truman Show), Michelle Pfeiffer(The Family,Scarface).

Darren Aronofsky is a genius there is no subtle way to put it his ability to create uncomfortable and ultra realistic situations is something I really admire because his style is like watching a car crash unfold in front of you for two hours and Mother! Is no exception to the rule it is a arthouse film that if your not prepared for it could make it feel like you just watched the worst movie ever when in reality it’s something you need to give your full attention to.

This movie has racked up 8 million dollars this weekend and has created some controversy between critics and moviegoers, but to be blunt this movie is terrible….if you take it at face value there is hidden meanings and subliminal messages that can be easily overlooked if your expecting a typical horror movie because in some cases this barely squeezes into the genre of horror its more just a arthouse piece that has many gory and troubling scenes in it. Along with its abstract technique Mother! is not kind to those who suffer from being claustrophobic its really tight shots on Jennifer Lawrence’s face and later in the movie when there are moments where a lot of people are congested in small rooms and confined places that can blindside someone with anxiety.

Overall this movie is a spectacle that unless you have the stomach to watch it won’t be something I can recommended to everyone. I’m going to give Mother! a “B-” if you have seen Mother! what did you think? comment below and if you like what you read like and subscribe for more. 

Quick Thoughts:Return of the Abrams

Yesterday Kathleen Kennedy and the rest of the Lucasfilm/Disney team announced JJ Abrams would be returning to direct the last installment of their new trilogy set to be released on December 20, 2019 and has most people vocalizing there opinions on his return.

First off I think everyone can breathe a sigh of relief because Colin trevorrow directing episode 9 was a gamble and with his last movie “The book of Henry” getting bad reviews and tanking in the box office it can make any fan of any franchise sweat bullets knowing that’s the guy closing out your favorite trilogy. But the important part is that Abrams can close out his vision (if he had one for Force Awakens)

“The Force Awakens is just A New Hope” It is really annoying to hear this by a majority of fans, Abrams goal was to tribute the old and carve out a new vision so that way there’s something for everyone to take away when you saw it and now that he is coming back there seems to be some resentment, which if that is the case if your that person everyone has the choice to approach these movies they way they like but stand back and look at the big picture before you make your final decision on this new trilogy.

Now a ending needs a good setup and in four months we will find out if JJ has his work cut out for him or if Rian Johnson can give him the assist that he needs to give us the best movie possible and speaking of Rian can we get that full trailer yet buddy? With Carrie Fisher’s death there is still a lot to consider if it still stands she wont be in episode 9 and pushing it back to the december slot is the best decision right now and hey who doesn’t love NBA christmas games and Star Wars movies in the same month?

What are your thoughts on JJ Abrams helming episode 9? comment below and if you like what you read like and subscribe for more.


IT is directed by Andre Muschietti(Mama) and stars Bills Skarsgard(),Finn Wolfhard(Stranger Things),and Sophia Lillis(37,The Lipstick Stain).

In 1990 the tv miniseries for a live-action version of Stephen King’s book IT was released and created not only a horror icon with Tim Curry’s performance of Pennywise the clown but also created the fear many have for clowns now, but time has not been kind to that movie and with its already small budget it has not aged particularly well and was due a reboot badly and when i saw the first promo shot and even the first trailer I hyped this movie up in my head and it is everything I thought it was gonna be. The casting director for this deserves a medal for the talent that he found for the Losers Club all those kids were incredibly talented and all had great chemistry I felt like I was watching myself and all my friends when we were in middle school they played off each other but the best performance was Bill Skarsgard portraying pennywise his take on the shapeshifting clown was so unsettling his movement and cadence made him such a threat to the rest of the kids,Mr muschietti made full use of the R rating with the way he would kill and scare everybody in the small town of derry, there are times when he move or the way his eyes would spread out that you can tell he wasn’t human and with the effects of today it pays off in spades how much scarier you could do a movie like this.

Overall this is in my personal top ten so far this year I can’t wait to watch “it” again for a second time and even if your get scared easily give this a watch and lose a night of sleep it’ll be well worth it, I’m going to give IT a “A”. If you have seen IT what did you think leave a comment and if you like what you read like and subscribe for more.

Death Note (2017)

Death Note is directed by Adam Wingard(VHS,You’re next) and stars Nat Wolff(Paper Towns,The fault in our stars),Margaret Qually(The nice guys,Palo Alto),Lakeith Stanfield(Dope,Get Out) and William Dafoe(Platoon,Mississippi Burning).

Over The last week i’ve been watching the anime this movie is based on and it is by far the most intelligent and thematic heavy show i’ve ever seen I’m not one for anime most times it’s bloated with to many characters and to many things are happening at once but death note had no such problems it’s about a teenage boy who comes across a book named death note and if you write a name in the book that person will die but along the way the show turns into a psychological cat and mouse game between a boy who is unaware of the consciences that behold him and what can happen when chaos and morality try to meld it truly is fantastic.

Now I think it’s great that netflix wants to get a broader audience for anime it’s another step toward getting away from FCC and public television that stifle art and censor everything when streaming platforms can do whatever they want and can afford to take chances on ideas what needs to be done is if your going to do a live action thats based on anything be familiar with said property, after watching this I’m convinced Adam Wingard didn’t know about the show the execs told him what the show was loosely about and all the names of the characters and he just made this movie based on that. No one is what they are like in the show Light who is played by hayden chr- err i mean Nat Wolff is so bland and uninteresting which is far from the Light in the show who is was smart collected and thought out all his actions and ideas in this he immediately shows the book to the first girl who smiles in his direction and a school nerd who chooses to get revenge right away. Ryuk the shinigami who is played by william dafoe (who i’m not going to lie is the coolest casting choice) is far from the Ryuk in the show he was more interested in the actions humans decided by themselves then to provoke the chaos on his own the only character that fits the mold is Lakieths performance of L who is a left of center detective who has never lost a case that has a sweet tooth and doesn’t believe in wearing shoes or sitting properly . As a collective i’m sure this will have a bitter outcome for fans of the anime and only because this does absolutely no justice to the how great the show really is.

Overall i’m sad to say this is a thumbs down for me, but please do yourself a favor and watch the anime which is also on netflix it’s only one season and each episode is about 20 minutes long so you can run through the whole thing in one day, the fast-paced nature and beat by beat selection of the show is well worth it on its own. If you’ve seen Death note the movie what did you think? leave a comment and if you like what you read like and subscribe for more.

Stephen King Throwback:Children of the corn

So if you follow any of my social media accounts two weeks ago I said I would be sharing my thoughts on one Stephen King novel based movie until the release of IT now with the timetable that leaves roughly 6 movies which would not cover every movie(there is a lot of them!). The first movie I wanted to review mostly because its been on my netflix que for a solid minute is “children of the corn” directed fritz Kiersh(The Stranger,Tuff Turf) and stars Linda Hamilton(Terminator 1&2,Dante’s peak),

To start off Children of the corn is a 33 year old movie and like most of stephen king’s matariel  it was made on a massively small budget so there was going to be terrible cgi,bad acting,some anti-religious undertone, and the scares weren’t  going to age well but like any king screenplay, but what i wasn’t prepared for was how boring this movie is I mean it’s a hour and a half long and in even in that timeframe there is still huge gaps of filler, the first twenty minutes are excruciatingly dated with a opening murder scene that is laughable at its best and so many scenes of dialogue and fake out jumpscares that are awkward and misplaced it was almost like the director forgot it was horror movie and sprinkled them in . Now rules of a movie when you set up a subplot it needs to be explained and it needs to affect the movie in some way or the other, but hey who needs rules anyway when it comes to a small child who has psychic powers and can see into the future. Why does she have these abilities? why doesn’t she tell the two main characters that bad things will happen if they stay? if she can see into the future why doesn’t she help her friend who tries to run away early in the movie that he will die?yeah sure it’s important to answer those questions but the movie doesn’t feel the need to so just ignore it and get scared at the drawings she has in her room.

Overall this was a headache to watch and i’m sure it does no actual justice to the short story that it was based on and your betting leaving this movie alone in the 5 dollar bin at walmart. I’m going to give Children of the corn a “D-”. I do apologize that i haven’t gotten these up every week but I will still have up the other reviews before IT comes out next weekend.


Annabelle creation is directed by David F. Sandberg(Lights Out) and stars Talitha Bateman(Nine Lives,5th wave),Stephanie Stigman(Narcos,Spectre), and Miranda Otto(War of the worlds,I,Frankenstein).

Last year Mr. Sandberg released the surprising hit “Lights Out” a movie based off a short film also directed by Sandberg last year and when I saw he was directing the prequel to Annabelle I knew there was going to be a change of pace from the first one that came out two years, Now like anything like any other franchise the conjuring spin-offs all exist in the same cinematic universe so of course we can expect these in between the conjuring movies but after the first Annabelle movie didn’t receive the critical acclaim that i’m sure New Line Cinema wanted they let David Sandberg helm a prequel and this is by far heads and tails better than the last one.

One of the handful things I enjoy about Sandberg is he knows how to let tension brew this is the third time we’ve seen the Annabelle doll on screen and this the first time she really has been scary the way he films the doll and as mechanism to know that something scary is nearby instead of the doll being a jumpscare itself was incredibly impressive, there are times when you know something is coming but you can feel the tension physically straining your body it was a ride in itself. It was even scarier considering I watch this in a packed theater with people that were screaming and enjoying the movie just as much as I did.

Now to say I think the sub-genre of demon possession/supernatural entities is one that can get really dull I mean how many ways can you approach a doll that haunts a family, so this movie supports itself on a lot of the same cliches you see in a movie like this there are a ton of fake out scares and you will not remember anything about any of these characters even though there so much time devoted to setting them up. But Sandberg breathes at least some type of life into this movie with different approaches that I would definitely recommend watching this soon while the theaters still have a crowd in the screenings for them and watching this movie with a group of friends when its on DVD,

Overall im going to give Annabelle:Creation a “C+” if you saw Annabelle:Creation what did you think of it leave a comment and if you like what you read leave a like and subscribe for more.

Atomic Blonde

Atomic Blonde is directed by David Leitch(John Wick,The Bourne Legacy) and stars Charlize Theron(Mad Max:Fury Road,Furious 8),James Mcavoy(X-men Apocalypse,Split), Sofia Boutella(Star Trek Beyond,The Mummy), and John Goodman(Argo,10 Cloverfield Lane).

David Leitch seems to have a interesting career considering he has a modern action classic under his belt with John Wick but the rest of his filmography is full of what I like to call “FX on a thursday night” movies because they ride this line of just being good enough to watch but never makes a impact with anyone, and sadly Atomic Blonde is just that, a generic attempt to recreate another version everything that he has done before from the neon lighting and darkened cinematography to the one take action set pieces that even though there stylish i’ve seen already in John Wick, as a matter of fact a lot of this is almost completely identical to that movie I felt like I should’ve just stayed home and watched that movie again.

The cast in this is solid at this point Mrs. Theron is incapable of giving a bad performance she is very much the highlight of anything she is in and her co-star Sofia Boutella is a force to be reckoned with, I very much look forward to seeing them work together again or just watching them continue to kick ass on screen. James Mcavoy is great to again someone else who has shifted gears and is churning out some great stuff. He is grimy with a suave charm in this trust me if anything is going to hook you in this movie it’s the actors and actresses who fill in the screen around this movie.

Overall this movie is unfortunately something that just exists which is almost a failure in my eyes because it shouldn’t have been that given the talent that surrounds it im going to give Atomic Blonde a “C-” if you’ve seen this movie leave a comment and if you like what you read like and subscribe for more.