Deadpool 2

Everyone’s favorite need with a mouth is back! The sequel to the 2016 surprise hit follows Wade Wilson aka “Deadpool” stopping the time traveling cyborg “Cable” from killing a mutant child named Russell who in the future kills Cable’s family. Now it’s up to Deadpool to stop Cable and Russell from destroying each other and mankind.


The last couple of years when it comes to Superhero action/adventure have for the most part been following the same process there exciting to get hyped up for, then they come and there just “ok” solid enough to be memorable but are also so basic that after I’ve seen them i’m ready to see what’s next. It gets so dreary that none of these movies do anything differently at least until Deadpool arrived and changed up the genre by bringing a raunchy, no holds barred comedy aspect to the genre making for a movie that i’ve rewatched a handful of times since then.


Looking at this movie as a pure comedy it exceeded all expectations I had going in. I was dying at the opening montage with Deadpool killing these henchman with Dolly Partons single “9 to 5” playing over the top of the movie, given the source material at hand there was definitely going to be a lot if gory violence,swearing,and nudity yet the movie is still clever in how it delivers on those elements, fight scenes bask in baddies getting there kind and organs slashed apart even a sequence that involves the X-force that will have you howling with how over the top bloody it is. The writing this time is much more clever and heavily relies on the back and forth between Deadpool and Cable, Which might I add that Josh Brolin is the perfect straight man to the wise cracking Ryan Reynolds. The duo create such good chemistry that if there is a third Deadpool, Brolin has to come for the sake of humanity. Colossus and Negasonic teenage Warhead return but take a backseat to new comers like Domino and Russell so if you were hoping to see Negasonic and Wade play off each other it’s only done in small sequences, really the X-men arc in this movie is almost non existent, which may comes as a bummer to those who actually thought Hugh Jackman would show up in one of these movies.


I always have a problem with third acts in movies especially in superhero movies. There way to drawn out and can become tedious very quickly and Deadpool is no exception to the rule, it does get long in the tooth with a bit that stopped being funny after a few seconds, it does however give us a look at what a X-force Deadpool costume looks like. Fortunately the end credits will have your ribs hurting with ridiculous it treats some of the other X-men movies and even some personal choices of Ryan Reynolds.
Deadpool may just turn out to be the top hit this summer I know it’s a bit early but going off what else releases this summer it certainly has the legs to go toe to toe with the other few blockbusters in the coming months. I’m going to give Deadpool an “A”. If you enjoyed what you read please like and subscribe for more and follow my blog on Instagram,twitter,and Letterboxd to see my past reviews and my thoughts on certain movie news.


Jason Reitman tackles the challenges of motherhood and mental illness in his charming yet still grimy look into a women’s life after she has given birth to her third child and needs some extra help when her brother hires her a night nanny. But when she yearns for her old life that she sees in this young nanny she gets to attached her and soon creates a friendship with this girl that might not be so healthy.


I always look forward to these smaller budget films in the summer. It’s a nice break from all the crowds and activity that summer tentpole movies bring, especially with “Infinity War” still playing strong in theaters. Tully has all the charm I look forward to in a Reitman/Cody movie yet the movie isn’t always light hearted, being a parent can be hard and take its toll not just on the body but the reputation of keeping up with two small children and having to spend countless nights with a newborn which this movie has a sequence that gave me a lot of anxiety and made me want to hug my mom just knowing she went through that for probably a couple of weeks. Not to worry though there is still some pretty brisk pacing and comedy a lot of it coming from Charlize Theron’s reaction to the world around her and how she handles those who treat her like she should “lighten up”. It’s rare you see a comedy that makes the focus not on motherhood itself, but how different women handle it. It’s makes it much more personal since any women watching the movie can relate to Charlize since the parts it makes light of parenthood are those who are around you treating you either the same or different for having a kid.


Once the the actual nanny shows up and Charlize Theron and Mackenzie Davis start interacting, it’s golden the back and forth they have with one another. Both yearn to have each other’s lives Charlize wishes to have that spontaneous youth again and Davis wishes to have her life “figured out”. It’s almost mother and daughter like how they work there life differences aside. The ending was what got me all happy, so much I tweeted after I saw the movie that “it’s why I love movies so much” it’s a curveball that you see coming but still bite on once it comes, all the clues are there and yet I still got wide eyed when it came. I’m not going to spoil it since I want everyone to go out and see this.
I loved this movie! There is still some originality left in the world of cinema you just gotta go look for it. Tully is going to be on my favorites list at the end of the year (at least I hope so the year is still young). It’s potential might live in VOD and Blu Ray sales but for now if you see this screening in your theater take advantage of it since it’s shelf life might be abruptly cut short once “Deadpool” and “Solo” March into theaters. I’m going yo give Tully an “A”, if you enjoyed what you read like and subscribe for more and follow me on Twitter,Instagram,and Letterboxd to see my earlier reviews and content.

Avengers:Infinity War

When the Mighty Thanos comes to earth looking for the Infinity Stones, it’s up to the MCU to stop him from collecting all six stones, however they’ll find how challenging that will be when Thanos and his children have a reputation for laying waste to anyone who stands in there way.


Disney/Marvel has been building This universe for ten years. Laying out a blueprint that many other studios have tried to duplicate and have not come close to the results. Disney has spending copious amounts of time building characters and places that fans have put a lot of emotional investment into so when it was finally time for “something” or “someone” to put an end to this universe, no doubt all of those who have put the time into this universe are going to feel the emotional toll. Which the Russo’s deserve all the credit for alone on how this movie starts. I felt the air get sucked out of the room, it didn’t have that nice illuminous montage that starts each movie instead it’s a simple marvel studios with a voice on a radio calling for help and one of Thanos children stepping over the bodies of the asgardians monologuing about Thanos, as they have ransacked the ship Thor and his people escaped in “Ragnarok”. It’s such a cold and dark way to open a movie. Which is followed by a fight with Thanos and Hulk that used some great wide angle and kept the cuts longer. It’s by far the best fight scene I’ve seen in a Marvel movie. Some of the team ups in the movie were fantastic you see some of them in the trailer but it’s nowhere as exciting as the final product. I felt myself getting wide eyed when characters I was hoping to see interact with each other (bucky and rocket being The best one don’t @ me) and fight side by side. The full team doesn’t get together as it’s still broken up in a few sequences, yet the team ups are my favorite part of the movie. Kevin Feige has promised a crossover for a few years now and he knocks it out of the park.


“Destiny still arrives…” Thanos after all the dust settles certainly can go pound for pound in a debate about being best villain ever. His screen time, matched with Josh Brolin performance is enthralling he leaves a trail of destruction and how just about everyone is afraid of him, he looms over this movie and yet his motivation aren’t fully I’ll willed he isn’t your generic “take over the world” villain we’ve seen way to many times. There is some logic to His actions. His children on the other hand are just screen filler there just as bland as the Chitauri army in the first Avengers, they have a cool design and that’s about where there appeal ends.


I feel like the emotion and death that happens in this movie cover up the sloppy paced and mcguffins that are scattered throughout the movie. A lot comes from the laundry list of characters that are fighting for screen time there is way to much jumping from place to place and plot set up to plot set up from Thor Getting his Axe, the Wakanda fight, to the rushed journey of Thanos getting all these stones(one of them he gets off screen). I will give credit that the third act isn’t to bloated, but resorts to spreading around the fight to other parts of the movies that are nothing more then quick cuts and shaky camera antics that I’ve grown tired of in all these movies, it seems for every well shot “Thanos vs Hulk” sequence, there are four other fights that are as sloppy as the pacing. If you haven’t already seen the movie, I probably have spoiled some things, but I’m gonna go into topic about the end so here’s your Warning for SPOILERS. The last ten minutes when half the team are disaggregating, I mean there not dead….right?  Some of those that “died” already have sequels to there standalones that are already greenlit. When Avengers 4 comes out on sure it’ll go into detail about what happened, even with my doubts about the ending, It was still heartbreaking to watch half the team go including Spiderman. Only the members of the Avengers that were in the first movie lived, I’m curious how that’ll play out in the next movie.
“Infinity War” is a high ride and going to be a staple of the summer season. I’m going to give Avengers:Infinity War a “B+”. If you enjoyed what you read like and subscribe for more. Also follow me on Twitter,Instagram,and Letterboxd to see other movies I’ve reviewed.

Flavored Rants:Five movies I’m looking forward to this summer!

Summer season at a theater is always an exciting time! Every weekend has a blockbuster as the battle for the weekend ensues between monolith movie studios looking to take the box office crown while smaller studios release there indie gems hoping to find a crowd in the summer masses. Looking at the movie release schedule, I highlighted some movies I’m looking forward to seeing in the next couple of months so I narrowed down my top 5 coming out in the summer (I’m counting the summer from May to August just to avoid confusion). I’m also going to get technical and not count Infinity War as aummer movie since it opens in April(*shrugs shoulders* hey it would be to obvious as a number one anyways).


  1. Hereditary

Summertime surprisingly has a good track record with horror movies. It comes at night,Lights outs,and the conjuring films are just a few titles that having gotten summertime releases, double that track record with A24’s streak of great horror films and we could be looking at a small hit on our hands.


  1. Jurassic World:Fallen Kingdom

Do I think the first Jurassic World a nostalgic cash grab? Yes. Do I think this movie is also going to be a cash grab to the cash grab? Yes. Am I still going to see it on a Thursday evening? Hell yes! Myself just like most people have a soft spot for dinosaurs and couple that with Jeff Goldblum’s return as Dr. Malcolm! Of course i’m going to see this, so take my money Universal!


Marvel,star wars and reboots of 80s and 90s tv shows/movies will reign supreme this summer and while it’s exciting to see sometimes it’s nice to get a break from the action and the crowds for at least a weekend. “Thank for smoking” and “Juno” director Jason Reitman is at that helm, known for his summer indie films, the trailer had enough charm to it that I had to put it high on my list.


  1. Deadpool 2

I think my excitement for deadpool lies in the possible fact this may be the last time we see the “Mirk with the mouth” in a R rated setting. The Disney/Fox deal could reach an agreement by the end of this year, Disney I’m sure will continue the X force series but with a lack of individuality and my gut tells me with a lean PG-13 rating.


  1. Incredibles 2

The long awaited (seriously we’ve been waiting) sequel to the 2006 classic(truest statement ever) Incredibles is finally here! Pixar has been on top of their game over the last few years and it’s exciting they’ve used that momentum to do a sequel to the “Incredibles”. The real downside I see happening is that this movie can join the list of Pixar sequels that haven’t been as good. Factoring in that risk i’m still going to put my all my chips in on “Incredibles 2” as the movie I’m most looking forward to this summer.


What movies are you looking forward to this summer? Leave a comment with your list or just one movie you have on the docket, and as always if you like what you read like and subscribe for more and follow me on Twitter,Instagram,Letterboxd @cinemaflavor for more content.


Based off the Nintendo 64 video game of the same name, “Rampage” follows three animals a Gorilla,Wolf,and a Crocodile after their DNA has been edited to turn them into giant mutated monsters but when the evil company “Engyne” is about to be exposed to the FBI for there mad scientist projects, they lure the monsters into the city to destroy everything including all there evidence.


I’m going to be honest I’ve never played the videogame that this movie is based off even when looking at video of it I don’t think I’ve even seen it. I’m still aware that the game itself is nothing more than a “smash em up” type of game and a movie about it would have that vibe, plus with Brad Peyton behind the wheel You can’t expect a movie like this to be a Oscar contender. Still this movie is bland! Filled with characters that make no impact on the movie, over utilized exposition, antagonists that I swear are so cliche I half expected them to be sitting in a lounge chair in a dimly lit room stroking a small animal. Summer blockbusters like this can be fun but when it’s wasted on trying to shell out screen time with Dwayne Johnson and gigantic monsters something’s gotta give. The third act to this movie is so nauseating, jammed to the brim with destruction that you’ve already seen in other sequences, yet for some reason the third act still has to be filled with bass rumbling destruction that entails the army focusing all there fire power on these animals even though they know bullets and missiles haven’t done anything against them for the last hour. Still they keep shooting because…’s fun to look at? Last year King Kong came out around this time and comparing it to that this is actually better. Dwayne Johnson proves he has movie star power, with a god awful screenplay like this he works his charisma into a character that has none. Whereas I couldn’t tell you anything about anyone in King Kong.
If you’re looking at seeing a blockbuster this weekend do yourself a favor and go see “A Quiet Place” or just wait for Avengers in two weeks cause this isn’t worth an admission ticket. I’m going to give Rampage a “D”. If you enjoy what you read like and subscribe for more and follow me on Twitter,Letterboxd,and Instagram @cinemaflavor to see my thoughts on other movies in the past.

Ready Player One

Based of the novel by Ernest Cline “Ready Player One” dives into the “The Oasis” a VR based world where players can create their own avatars and choose the way they approach the games inside of it, but when the creator of the oasis lays out a challenge of whoever finds the three keys will own Oasis. When the evil 101 what’s to find it to get it’s riches, it’s up to Wade Watts to find it before they do.


Everyone has some nostalgic feelings for Steven Spielberg’s work, whether it be in the 80s with his blockbusters like Indiana Jones or E.T., The 90s with Jurassic Park or even in early 2000s with something like War of the worlds, You no doubt have enjoyed his movies. In his latter years though, Spielberg like anyone else has lost his creative “fastball”, after many years of directing his current work is nowhere as memorable as his previous work is. Still Spielberg has been trying his hand at the blockbuster genre again. Trying to reclaim the magic that everyone knows him for. Does Ready Player One succeed in that? Well let’s find out.


I’m not one to go to 3D screenings I have very little appeal for them, but my theater was pushing pretty hard for it even making half the screenings they were showing on Thursday and Friday 3D. So I gave it a shot and it’s very much worth it, about three minutes in I forgot I had those glasses on it makes that VR effect that more engulfing. The race scene that’s in the trailer was so much fun to watch with the 3D effect there were long stretches were there wasn’t a cut and the camera use meshes well with the 3D that I felt like I was on a ride for that whole sequence. Most of the CGI in this is very nice to look at, it’s never to rubbery and even the practical stuff with IOI kept it fresh. Which was a nice relief considering the first trailer had some really bad CGI which made me think this production was rushed, however that isn’t the case and the final product looks very nice.


Whether you’ve read the book or just seen the promo for this movie, you know this movie is full of Easter eggs and the movie truly delivers on that part all throughout it there are characters new and old all over the movies it’s hard to list them all. There is a sequence in this movie that heavily pays tribute to Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining” where you can tell the characters were walking on a physical set of the Overlook Hotel that I knew had to take forever to digitally stitch the characters in that attention detail was definitely my favorite but there is still plenty of other ones to see in this even a battle in the third act where a battle of many monsters and collide, it’s incredibly fun to watch.


Ready Player One plays out more like a ride, calling back to better movies most of the time but never flushing out the characters it has at hand. There are some characters especially Wade Watts friends that never get a proper back story as well as his love interest “Artemis” thats teased to have this Rebellion but it never comes to fruition. As far as character development there is little that is dedicated to anyone else other then Watts himself.
Overall you can enjoy this movie highly if you treat it like an amusement ride. What Ready Player One really lacks is that signature “heart” that is always so common in all of Spielberg’s movies, but I think it’s not surprising that Spielberg may have lost a step or two in his age and many years behind the camera. Still this movie has all the other qualities that is he known for. The incredible attention to detail when it comes to practical sets and machinery, the scale of characters and land sets, even the comedy is bright and cheery. I’m going to give this movie a “B+”. If you saw Ready Player One what did you think of it? Also you like what you read like and subscribe for more. Follow me on Twitter,Instagram,and Letterboxd @cinemaflavor.

Pacific Rim:Uprising

Pacific Rim:Uprising is the sequel to the 2013 sort of hit “Pacific Rim”. Set ten years in the future the war between Jaeger’s and Kaiju’s is over but a new threat arrives and it’s much worse. Now it’s up to Jake Pentecost to avenge his fathers name and work and lead a team to save the world one more time.

Pacific Rim is loud,uproarious, fun it’s also extremely self aware, I mean c’mon any movie that has a mech suit beating up a monster with a ship in the streets of Hong Kong isn’t concerned about making the criterion collection. Like most original concepts it didn’t appeal to the mainstream audience so when a sequel was greenlit I was taken aback considered even the small “cult following” it gained over the last four years. This time around though everything this movie sets out to be isn’t the right direction to take this so called “franchise”. Every character in this movie is flat even with the copious amounts of backstory given to them. John Boyega who has proved to have a natural charm to him has his performance buried under an extremely cringey script coupled with Scott Eastwood who I swear hated his life having to film this movie.Cailee Spaeny who is the lead is actual quite good she has very little to her resume but holds her own, if anything she should get more work just for having to work through this screenplay. The highlight of every monster type of movie should be the fights,destruction,etc. and this movie can’t even get that right!!! the beginning fight looks like it was made by the same guys who made that giant robot that appears before NFL games, its CGI was so lackluster and that’s not even the worse part. This movie has two third acts. One that involves Charlie Day’s reveal of being the antagonist and using his brain link to the Kaiju’s to create these Zombie type of Jaegers and it takes up most of the third act but then another twenty minutes is dedicated to a group of Jaegers fighting one big Kaiju in Japan. Its obvious Steven Deknight(who has only directed individual episodes of shows like Daredevil) has inexperience with feature length films and its cut like a two story arc on a tv show. When a movie is that messy in structure isn’t it a no brainer to bring in someone much more competent to lead a movie this massive.

Do yourself a favor and just watch the first Pacific Rim if you want to be entertained, Pacific Rim:Uprising does no justice to the first movie and Steven Deknight proves that he should stick to directing tv shows instead. I’m going to give Pacific Rim: Uprising a “D-”. If you like what you read like and subscribe for more and follow me on Twitter,Instagram, and Letterboxd @Cinemaflavor.