Oscar nominations 2017

​As 2016 comes to a close we finally reached the part of the year were we celebrate what films get to take home the gold. Overall I think this year was very back heavy with movies like arrival,hell or highwater and La La Land definitely being the highlights of this year. im going to give my opinion on all the major awards and possible winners keep in mind I don’t live in a big market for movies so some movies I didn’t get to see such as Lion,jackie and captain fantastic because they either were never released here or got releases after I posted this but with that being said let me get started.

Best picture: 

I think arrival was such a beautifully shot movie. I went into this movie hoping for a big action film against aliens but instead came out with a film that was a hundred times better. Amy Adams and Jeremy renner have this great working chemistry that elevates it a bit higher I know it can be a slow burn but the way it pays off in the third act makes it worth it.

Best director:

Damien chazelle is going to do great things in the future not only for himself but for movies, I was stunned at the remarkable performances in his last project “whiplash” and when it was announced that his next movie titled La La Land was a musical, I raised a eyebrow but I still went in excited and I completely fell in love with this movie its nostalgia vibe for old school Hollywood and love of jazz music makes it so much more then a musical. It completely deserves all the praise its gotten during the golden globes and the oscars and I hope this movie is still loved thirty years down the road as it is now. 

Best actor:

To be honest I thought we would of heard the last of Andrew Garfield after what was supposed to be a trilogy of new Spiderman. It was a trainwreck what happened to that franchise under Sony that left a bitter taste in everyone’s mouth but Andrew has Proven me wrong with two great films in one year “hacksaw ridge,silence” but his performance in hacksaw ridge really sticks out to me it has a depth that puts him a strong darkhorse contention the way Eddie redmayne did in 2014 for the theory of everything and he end up winning. I feel that luck will run with Garfield this year as he sneaks his way into the votes.

Best actress:

Like I mentioned before I haven’t seen every movie nominated one of those films being “jackie” but I’ve read and seen a lot of reviews and blogs about Natalie Portman’s performance in this movie and knowing just how great she can dive into a role like in black swan or V for vendetta I know she has the chops to carry a movie that really has a viseral look to it like Jackie. 

Best supporting actor:

Hell or highwater was easily one of my top 5 movies of this year and part of that is Jeff bridges, he is such a crucial part of it and boy does he deliver I haven’t seen Jeff this good since true grit but he really makes the energy of this movie, I couldn’t think of anyone else who could fit that role as perfectly as him therefore I think he takes home the gold this year.

Best supporting actress:

I enjoyed fences as a movie but one thing I took away from it when the credits rolled was viola Davis she does a phenomenal job in this movie considering its based off a play and the amount of dialogue that’s in it is a lot more then anyone can chew, but her performance matched with Denzel Washington is electrifying especially one scene where she has this back and forth with denzels character as she slowly starts to yell at him as tears are rolling down her face its amazing.
I hope to see my predictions come true and if you enjoy what you read please leave a like,comment and if you want to read more follow me.

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