My most anticipated movies of 2017

​Every year I like to check the movie calendar and see what is coming out that might catch my eye, whether it be a big name property that was announced at least a year an advance or just a title that sounded interesting, I look for something that I can mark on the calender, but here are five movies this year that I am definitely excited to see. 
5. IT (Release date September 8)

Were living in a time were everything is getting a remake/sequel and most of the time they haven’t lived up to there predecessor (im looking at you ghostbusters) but with Andre Muschietti who directed the short and feature length movie Mama they both have a psychological element that would fit perfect in this movie.
4. Dunkirk (Release date July 21)

Christopher Nolan(Dark Knight Trilogy,Interstellar) is back this time with a war drama based off the event during world war II in france, I always keep a eye out for whatever Nolan has decided to put his time into, he can turn even the most thought provoking plot into a highly entertaining movie I.E inception.
3. War Of The Planet Of The Apes (Release date July 14)

Planet of the apes has had its ups and downs as far as the franchise is concerned the 1970s movies have not aged well, but have done a lot for movies with its sci-fi pseudo thriller/horror type of flow but after two movies it went overboard and began to lose the stamina it once upheld. But when Tim Burton created a remake in hopes to breathe new life into a basically dead franchise it seemed it didn’t have the legs to carry fans with it being critically panned and not making the money it should of, it seemed Planet Of The Apes was going to fade away in obscurity that was until Robert Wyatt(the gambler,the escapist) made Rise Of The Planet Of Apes and gave it a great new twist including its sequel Dawn Of The Planet Of The Of Apes which was a box office hit and critically acclaimed so naturally there be a third installment and after watching the teaser I got chills afterwards. It appears this might be last one seeming it really all comes down to whether humans or apes will take over the planet, and if that is the case here’s to hoping it goes out on a high note. 
2. God particle (Release date October 27)

10 Cloverfield Lane was the secret (sort of) sequel to cloverfield, it was a strong movie that had me on the edge of my seat the whole time but prior to that cloverfield was another movie that was shrouded in secrecy. So knowing there’s a Cloverfield cinematic universe (the CCU it has a nice ring to it, don’t you think) made that jump up to number 2 on my most anticipated list. As of now there doesn’t appear to be to much about what its about other then it will be set in space, man October can’t get here fast enough.
1. Stars Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (Release date December 15)

Star Wars is my favorite franchise of all time and when it was announced that there was going to be a new trilogy it keeped me up for nights I couldn’t wait to see what JJ Abrams(super 8,star trek) would do and left a lot of questions floating in my head like what story could you tell after return of the Jedi? Would the old cast come back? Is it going to be like the prequels? After its release I saw it five times in theaters it was incredible I had tears of joy knowing we have more Star Wars its great seeing kids now having a interest in these new characters like BB-8,Rey,Finn,Poe, and the old cast being incorporated into the story I only hope that Rian Johnson (Looper,Breaking Bad) can keep the excitement in the second installment of this new trilogy.

So that’s my list if you have some favorites that your excited for this year comment below and don’t forget to like and subscribe for more.

2 thoughts on “My most anticipated movies of 2017

  1. It’s a good list but I think you should have The Fate of Furious as well as The Commuter just because of Liam Neeson. You are spot on though with IT and The War of the Planet of the 🦍. I can’t possibly imagine IT being as good as the original but it’s definitely a film worth going to see.


    1. I enjoy the other fast and furious movies but to be honest it should ended after seven it was a solid ending to that franchise but because vin diesel has to milk this thing to the end it feels forced and the commuter looks like another Liam Neeson holds a gun and says quipy stuff it’ll just end up on Netflix almost immediately after its release


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