Quick Thoughts: Superbowl movie trailers

​Yesterday was the super bowl and even though the game didn’t quite turn out the way I wanted, (sorry Julio Jones and the pass rush you guys were the real MVP of the game) I did enjoy the movie trailers we got and want to give you guys my reaction and review of them.
The first one was Pirates Of The Caribbean:Deadman Tell No Tales this franchise has not planned out the way I think Disney wanted it to, the first movie was highly praised for its originality and Johnny Depp bringing the highly charismatic and comedic Pirate Jack Sparrow to the screen but with a four sequels. Pirates hasn’t had the staying power and leaving most people rolling there eyes but with a new movie coming out in the summer we can only hope it can the pirates franchise back to where it once was.
The other trailer was The Fate Of The Furious and can I just say please can we just put this series to bed already, by all means I don’t hate the Fast movies but after the unfortunate death of Paul Walker two years ago I think number seven was a perfect way to end that franchise. But because Hollywood saw how much it made at the box office it was only logical to make another one, nevermind it losing one of its biggest stars they still tried to make something out of it with newcomers like Jason Statham,Kurt Russell,Charlie Theron,and even Dwayne Johnson coming back a fourth time nothing about this movie has me excited anymore.
Wolverine is back! And I have to say out of all the trailers this is the one im most excited about this summer based off the comic series “old man Logan” Wolverine gets a third stand alone movie but this time with the R-rated stamp its going to show a very real and gritty portrayal of the former X-man and with the success of Deadpool there’s a lot of momentum going for the fox studios right now.
The trailer for guardians of the galaxy shows just how great the comedy and action set pieces are going to be. The first Guardians was so incredibly unknown and it was a homerun for the marvel/Disney studios showing they can take any property and turn it into gold and I feel the sequel will be the same way with the original cast coming back and everyone already falling in love with baby groot this is definitely on top of everyone’s list.
Transformers: The Last Knight yeah it exists……carry on!
Though it isn’t a movie the teaser trailer for Stranger Things 2 debuted and it was chilling the first season was loved by many, I mean I couldn’t tell you how many people told me to watch this show and i’m glad I did.
What did you guys think of the super bowl trailers? Comment down below and if you like what you see like and subscribe for more. 

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