The Lego Batman Movie

​In 2014 Warner Brothers released The Lego Movie and it took everyone by surprise just how great it was. The witty dialogue and that fast paced humor really set it apart from most kid’s movie, I mean almost immediately after leaving the theater I was singing that “everything is awesome” song. It also put Lorde and Miller a duo of directors who had done the 21 Jump Street movies before this into a positive light and showed that they have a really knack for comedy.
 But after the successful run of Lego Movie a sequel and some spin off movies were greenlit one of them being the Lego Batman Movie directed by Chris Mckay(Lego movie,Robot Chicken) and a all-star cast of Will Arnett(Batman) Michael Cera(Robin) and Zach Galfinakis as the Joker, and this movie shares the same spirit and the same type of comedy that the Lego Movie has it hits all its jokes and never stops until the end its so fast-paced i’m almost sure I missed a few jokes by laughing at the ones prior to it for so long. 
One of the things I noticed almost immediately after the jokes was the colors used in this movie, it has this great tone of orange and a array of dark colors to give you a good look of how Gotham City is it really gives this movie a feel reminiscent to the other Batman movies. I also loved the use of the supporting characters outside of Batman like “Barbara Gordon” and “Alfred Pennyworth” are great characters that compliment the jokes being used but one character I really liked was “Robin” Michael Cera(Arrested Development,SuperBad) has a voice for cartoons and i’m glad to see him putting it to use in the last couple of years, but his voice as Robin was such a great use of energy and warm light-heartdness that i couldn’t help but grin at his back and forth with Batman because he was a lovable character that just wanted a family. 
Overall I loved watching this movie its a perfect family movie that keeps kids and adults interested im going to give Lego Batman a “A”.
If you saw Lego Batman what did you think? Comment and if you liked what you read leave a like and subscribe for more.

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