A Cure For Wellness Review

Gore verbinski has always had a interesting career, but has never had solid footing in mainstream success which has always puzzled me considering his resume is something to ponder on I mean his direction of the first pirates of the Caribbean movie was dazzling and has aged well, but not can be said about its sequels, and even the ring as horrifying as it is he never tried his hand at horror after that, but after the disaster Lone Ranger was and his dismissal from Disney I think a few years off would put him in the right mind to make another movie that would be on par with his earlier work and after seeing the trailer for his recent project I had high hopes that A cure for wellness would be that movie and I’m not so sure…..
Walking out it took me awhile to really analyze the movie as a whole I couldn’t figure if everything I saw was secretly brilliant or it was a jumbled mess disguised as something slightly good. The movie does look great and that’s accredited to Mr. Verbinski the movie has this green and blue tint that gives it a eerie feeling at all times especially when the movie is in the asylum. Its use of establishing shots and overall cinematography are great if im going to give it praise for something that’s definitely the biggest highlight I can go with. The movie itself however struggles to keep any real suspension even though its marketed as a thriller, whenever any real tension is built up such as when a character finds it a secret or if another character isn’t who they say they are either the movie will show a quick edit of something weird or countless times it would be a dream sequence and it would cheapen anything that happened prior.
The acting in this movie is ok no one person stood out to me as great. Dane Dehaan(Chronicle,Spider-Man) plays Lockhart a wall-street broker going to the Swiss alps to get his boss from this rehab center in the Swiss mountains. Even though I haven’t seen Dehaan in a lot of films I do give him props for some of the physical torture he goes through in this movie, it was almost unbearable to watch and even Mia Goth(Everest,Nymphomaniac) who hasn’t had a lot of work yet goes through some very WTF scenes in the third act that also had me squirming in my seat. 
Overall this movie struggles to scare or even thrill and though it may take a few times to watch to fully understand where its going, I doubt anyone will take the time to do so i’m going to give A Cure For Wellness a “D”. If you saw this movie comment and tell me what you thought, and leave a like and subscribe for more.

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