Quick Thoughts: Oscar Recap 2017

Not even 24 hours removed from the Oscars; my thoughts are still fairly fresh and I’ll just give a quick rundown of each major category. So without further ado here it is…

Best supporting actress: Viola Davis was my pick of this year and I’m beyond excited she won for her role in “Fences”. She was by far my favorite part in that movie and her speech almost made me stand up in the middle of my living room and applaud her. She is an American treasure and one of the hardest working actresses in hollywood right now.

Best Supporting Actor: This was a toss up, Vegas had the odds on Jeff Bridges but Mahershala Ali was fantastic. His performance in ‘Moonlight’ is the foundation of that movie and it was totally deserving in my opinion. I’m glad to see he won but I would have been just as happy to see Bridges take home the gold.

Best Director: At just 31 years old Damien Chazelle is already making his name in Hollywood. His vibrant and nostalgic use of jazz music and love of the old school Hollywood movies is what makes La La Land such an iconic movie and his direction is the cherry on top.

Best Actor: Now I may be alone on this boat here but the fact that Casey Affleck won for Manchester By The Sea is very underwhelming. As great as his performance was it doesnt hold a light to Andrew Garfield or even Denzel Washington. They are the first thing I think of when someone mentions “Hacksaw Ridge” or “Fences” and carry their films respectfully, which in my opinion, isn’t the first impression I get of Affleck. Not to trash him but this category was leaning heavily towards everyone else; it felt out of place that he won.

Best Actress: Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling have the best chemistry in La La Land it’s going to be exciting to see whether they work together again in the future. Overall Emma is the glue of La La Land, her singing and acting gave me a remiscince of Barbara Streisand which is always good company to be in. Emma was the strongest nominee and it rightfully went to the best actress.

Best Picture: Even if you didn’t watch the show last night you undoubtly heard about the situation that La La Land won best picture and then it turned out the envelopes had gotten switched, only to show that Moonlight was the real winner. This is one bothered me a bit. I’ve been gushing about La La Land since December and for good reason: its stunning, vibrant,and so much more than a musical. It’s a statement about modern Hollywood and a love letter to jazz music and the golden days of Hollywood. Its 14 nominations and 6 wins shows how brilliant La La Land is and to not give it Best Picture was criminally underhanded.

If you did watch the oscars what are your thoughts? Comment below and if you like what read please like and subscribe for more.

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