“Logan” is the newest entry by 20th century fox, the third stand-alone movie for the Wolverine, and the first time one of these films has received a R-rating.  That’s the thing you notice right away: in no way does this film pull its punches. The violence is so realistic and gory it’s almost raid-esque with how you see wolverines claws slashing limbs off, blood spurting, organs spewing, and a few times heads are actually rolling.  It brought the mutant down to a realistic level.

 This movie takes place a few years after “Days of Future Past” and at this point there are no mutants left. Logan, played by Hugh Jackman (X-men series,Les Misérables) is the last remaining member of the X-men and old age has caught up to him. His healing powers work very slowly and the anamantium in his body is poisoning him. He’s bitter and has been beaten down on a physical and emotional level. It leaves him dishelved and angry, along with Professor X who is suffering from a brain disease and is hiding from the government because he has been deemed a High level threat. The other thing that I took note of was the swearing in this movie. What threw me off was hearing Professor X swear and even wolverine, only because they never did it casually before. But in a movie, where both of these characters are at the end of the road, it makes a lot more sense to have them do that.

The secondary characters in this movie really knock it out of the park. Especially Laura, played by Dafne Keen, though she doesn’t have a lot of dialogue she holds her part really well and she has this great scowl throughout the movie. The villains have such a menacing presence like Pierce, played by Boyd Holbrook (Narcos,Gone Girl). He was a rough bounty hunter who was always a step ahead of the characters he was tracking. 

Keeping to the ‘spoiler free’ tone I’ve tried to uphold it’s really hard to talk about my complaints without ruining the ending. However, in a vague description, the only thing that was never explained was the disappearance of the other x-men and the fact that some characters in this movie are trying to reach a destination and it never touches on if they reach said destination, in fact, it put an incomplete feel to this movie. Overall this isn’t a movie you wanna miss. It’s a gritty and emotional send off of the former movies. It’s powerful and respectful to the old x-men franchise, as it should be. 

If you’ve seen Logan, what did you think? Comment below and if you like what you read leave a like and subscribe for more.

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