Though it’s late I went to the theater tonight to see “Get Out” after seeing the rave reviews it has been getting, it only made sense to see for myself and this movie is without a doubt the best thing i’ve seen this year its powerful performances and unique take on the horror movie genre that has been done. This movie is a must see for any fan of thriller/horror.

This is Jordan Peele’s directorial debut and he really shows his knowledge and talent of horror which is also subsequent with his use of comedy he blends both of those genres really well and it’s going to be exciting to see his future as a director. One of the solid parts of this movie is Daniel Kaluuya(Black Mirror,Sicario) his performance is the biggest highlight and it’s also going to be exciting see how his career will pan out after this movie, but the acting in this movie and the cast is perfect Allison Williams(Girls)plays the girlfriend to the main antagonist and even she has this great back and forth and good working chemistry with Kaluuya even her parents Catherine Keener(Being John Malkovich,Capote) and Bradley Whitford(The Cabin In The Woods, Saving Mr. Banks) were so unsettling and are the leverage for the horror aspect to this movie even Keith Stanfield(Straight Outta Compton,Atlanta) who has been popping up everywhere the last two years has the most potential to blossom into a main lead character. But to touch more on the parents Catherine Keener is so creepy in this movie she plays a therapist who has the ability to hypnotize and manipulate people’s minds, it’s already scary to think someone can control your mind but to see it played out on film and seeing her calm attitude and prowess it makes her a very notable antongist. Milton Howery(The Carmichael Show) is the comic relief and I had the biggest laughs whenever he was on screen he broke the thriller tension up very nicely whenever he was given dialogue he had such a witty and fast way to his comedy and it was fun to watch, even Betty Gabriel who is given a supporting role but even when she is on screen she always has this posture and tone that always felt like she was invading your personal space.

The plot of this movie has raised a lot of concern that it is racially dividing but in my personal opinion it uses real life talking points about how we view other races and uses it in a very over the top and satural way and has fun with it in a way that isn’t distasteful, but if there is anything to take note of is how original Get Out is it’s so refreshing to see a thriller movie in the early parts of the year actually turn out to be good and it absolutely deserves its near perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes. It’s a must see and if still playing in theaters take the time to see it.

If you have seen Get Out what did you think? Comment below and if you like what you read please leave a like and subscribe for more.

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