Power Rangers


Power Rangers is the newest reboot of the 90s japanese tv show, it’s directed by Dean Israelite(Project Almanac) and stars Dacre Montgomery as Jason Scott, Naomi Scott as Kimberly April,Rj Cyler as Billy Cranston,Ludi Lin as Zach and Becky G as Trini it also has a very strong supporting cast of bryan Cranston(breaking bad,godzilla) as Zordon, Elizabeth Banks(Pitch Perfect 1&2,Lego Movie) as Rita Repulsa and Bill Hader(trainwreck,Inside Out) as Alpa 5.But with most franchises like this most critics or those who just felt like they had a strong opinion for this movie definitely grew up with the power rangers and have a nostalgic fondness for the movies and tv series, but growing up I missed the whole Power Rangers hype and I was in that demographic but now 20 years later i’m still not familiar with the source material but after this movie I really wish I was.


This movie opens with a very gritty defeat of the former Power Rangers that really sets a serious tone which was exciting to see but then the next sequence is a school prank involving milking the wrong gender of cow which really started to get the eye rolling going this is one minor convenience but the movie does struggle to keep a identity sometimes, but that doesn’t outweigh the positives one thing I truly enjoyed was the emotional weight every character had they struggled with things that a teenager would and it added a realism to them, one of the toughest things to include with a movie that involves a team is giving them an personality and this movie does this really well. The look of the rangers and there ship looked alright I was expecting a lot of CGI mess (which there is plenty of) but in the process of rebooting and giving it a grander scale I see that in most of these types of movies even DC and MARVEL are very guilty of this so seeing Goldar and the Megazord fight in the CGI bash fest that I feel is just something we have to accept. One new character design I really liked though was Rita Repulsa her makeup and Elizabeth Banks acting was horror movie esque and so creepy to look at it really stood out in a good way. Bryan cranston as the floating head of Zordon was great I mean his screen time is pretty limited so i don’t have to much to say about it as well as Bill Hader as Alpha 5, Bill Hader does a lot of voice acting so this is a smart choice on the studio to include him. Now there is one very big negative that drops this a grade for me is that the product placement for Krispy Creme is so in your face that it even became a plot point it took me out of the movie and felt like such a cheap plug.


Overall this movie surprised me how well put together it was and it was great to see fans get a modern upgrade of something they grew up with. I’m giving Power Rangers a “C+” if you’ve seen Power Rangers what did you think? comment below and if you like what you read leave a like and subscribe for more.


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