Ghost In The Shell

Ghost in the shell is directed by Rupert Sanders(Snow White and the Huntsman,The Life) and stars Scarlett Johansson(Lucy,Avengers) as major and is the american adaption of the popular anime series from the late 90s. Now there was major controversy with mrs. Johansson as this character and that anytime america remakes anything with a different culture they will put white actors and actresses to fit a demographic and look that will appease to our american crowd which I can’t argue with studios they will tend to favor there A-list in a role but it’s for familiarity not to suppress a certain minority in an age where the liberal agenda is much more vocal than ever it’s bad PR for hollywood to “white wash” a property. Now the movie itself was so beautiful its mix of practical effect with CGI was a nice setting to look at something that i feel has been missing from movies that don’t have monstrous budgets to work and will use CGI as a crutch instead of taking its time to build a world but this movie is much different with its lavish landscapes and dark looming tones mixed with bright neon lights and holograms gave the city and locations a “Blade Runner” feel in a much positive way even the weaponry used in this movie was futuristic but still had a analog type of use that gave every fight scene a much grittier feel and there was even a lot of hand to hand combat that took me much by surprise and you can never go wrong with that.

Ghost in the shell takes place in a future where humans have embraced the use of android and A.I upgrades to their bodies but soon a major company named Hanek attempts to reach new heights by putting a functioning brain in a completely robotic body and this is where my main problem stems from (cue the i’m gonna rant for awhile sign) I like Scarlett Johansson she is very lovely and seems like a genuinely nice person but she has the same facial expression with this i’m a little bit dazed and wooden she always looks like a robot acting (no pun intended) she is the main lead and it’s always so distracting to watch her monotone voice and acting on screen it’s almost like audio nyquil now the counterpoint is that she is a android and that her portrayal is spot on but two years ago Alicia Vikander played a A.I in Ex-Machina and she was great in that role and still showed her talent seamlessly but I could be biased she is my celebrity crush after all, either way that’s my downside to this movie now the plot of this movie is that Major (Johansson)is struggling to remember her past and soon finds that her past and the world around her is not what it seems, the movie has these subplots that it awkwardly jumps to that do eventually tie into the third act roughly but I don’t blame it for having to do this the anime, much like most manga and anime have what seems like 50 different subplots at one time (one of the few reasons i struggle to watch them) and trying to keep true to its source material I can forgive that because it’s hard to translate those type of things to a three act movie. Another thing I want touch on very quickly is how great is the score in this movie it has this techno dubstep music that blankets each scene very nicely.

Overall Ghost In The Shell was very entertaining to watch if you’re a fan of the anime this could be a great time in the theater i’m going to give ghost In The Shell a “B” if you’ve seen ghost in the shell what  did you think? of it comment below and if you like what you read like and subscribe for more.

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