Fate Of The Furious

Fate of the Furious is directed by F Gary Grey(Straight Outta Compton,Italian Job)  and stars Vin Diesel(XXX series,Pitch Black) Dwayne Johnson(Hercules,San Andreas)  and stars some newcomers like Charlize Theron(Mad Max:Fury Road,Prometheus) Jason Statham(Spy,The Transporter) Kurt Russell(Death Proof,The Hateful Eight) and Helen Mirren now since this is the the 8th installment to this franchise and I did have my worries about whether it should of continued without Paul Walker considering the way number 7 ends it really feels like they would send it off, but after its amazing run in the box office making 1.5 billion Universal continue its goal of ten movies and it’s good to see the spirit of these movies have not left.

Now as someone who lives to watch movies i’m not the kind to stick my nose in the air and only wanna see some obscure french film I have a lot of fun with action films i mean you’re reading a blog by someone who owns fant4stic on dvd (and now all my subscribers are gone…) But I can watch something and love how over the top it is and this is how the fast series has been since number 5 and at some point they became self aware of how ridiculous it has become I mean they brought the king of self aware Kurt Russell into these movies, and again these movies have set the bar really high in 2015 when number 7 was released cars are falling out of buildings,planes, and mountains and it’s all so great to see. Now for anyone who has ever seen any of these movies and doesn’t like them because they’re not believable then they missed the point of course someone can’t drive a car on fire through the busy streets of cuba or block bullets with a lamborghini door or drive on a frozen lake bed in Russia or block a submarine explosion with a few cars but that’s what makes these movies great and I had so much fun watching this and if you wanna spend some time being just entertained then absolutely check this movie out.

Honestly it’s a bit hard to review these type of movies so sit back in a wife beater, drink a Corona at a BBQ and enjoy yourself i’m giving Fate of the Furious a “B”. If you like what you read please leave a like and if you like what you read subscribe for more.

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