Quick Thoughts: The Last Jedi Teaser Trailer

I’m roughly 72 hours removed from the the teaser for the last jedi and i’ve seen it a thousand times since it was released on friday morning now I love star wars. It has been my favorite franchise since i was 13 years old and with the last two installments (Force Awakens,Rogue One) it has only gotten me more amped up and what a time it is to be a star wars fan not only for myself, but for the millions of us who have been waiting for a new trilogy and hopefully we get all the answers we need that the Force Awakens laid out for itself. Now there are some points I noticed throughout the trailer and wanted to share them with all of you.

  • I have a good feeling that a pretty big chunk of this movie will take place on Anch-To the islands luke was hiding on in the Force Awakens which also means we will get some great training montages (cue the 80s music).

  • hopefully we get more captain phasma in this new movie because i’m still scratching my head as to why she continues to receive such a big push in the marketing and i know Boba Fett had a lot of hype around him but at least he died…

  • we don’t really get a good look at them but the First Order gorilla walkers will be in full use in this movie they are new and improved AT-AT type vehicles there called gorilla walkers since there front heavy and it appears the first order are still pretty torn about what happened to Harambe.

  • Force tree was a great story arc in the comics and to see it come to the life on the silver screen is going to exciting.

  • I still don’t know how i’m gonna react to Luke wielding a lightsaber again but i’m sure it’ll be kind of embarrassing and i’m sure I won’t care at the moment.

  • you know how every baseball team has some type of food that if you visit the ballpark you have to try? like the Giants have their famous garlic fries or the Dodgers have there footlong hotdog with a thousand toppings on it, well just like baseball it’s not a true star wars experience unless you see a space battle and does the battle in this one look amazing and no sign of a circular planet destroyer anywhere (let out a sigh of relief).

  • Finn took a huge L in episode 7 so I hope that guy bounces back and gets some revenge in this movie and if he gets called a traitor again he lashes out that’s all I ask.

  • it was so sad to hear Carrie Fisher won’t be in episode 9 so to see general leia one last time on screen will be emotional, but also a nice send off i’m sure of it.

  • the last line in this movie is luke saying the “jedi must end” and everyone has been up in arms about it is luke going dark? will rey turn to the dark side? will Kylo kill him? Look all I have to say is that the force relies on balance and there’s never been balance the sith were extinct for thousand of years at the time of the prequels and the jedi have been gone for close to 50 years so clearly this balance has never existed and I think Luke is trying to find a new way to approach the force because this light side/dark side has never worked so calm down everyone, grab a glass of blue milk and will all find out in december what were in store for.

If you saw the the last jedi trailer comment below and let me know what you thought of it, and if you like what you read then leave a like and subscribe for more.

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