Alien (1979)

With Alien:Covenant being released in a few weeks I went back and revisited the 1979 classic film alien, it’s exciting to see just how far this franchise has come and the directors who have helmed it but none of them can touch the first one made by Ridley Scott and to see it again and realize this movie still brings chills and a look that has aged very nicely makes me hope that this go-around Covenant can be the thing that makes Alien exciting again.

Now the first twenty minutes of this movie are completely silent it’s just a slow crawl of the emptiness of space, and as the camera pans the title of the movie it gives you a feeling of unease and the darkness of the rooms of the ship and just the dull lights of the buttons that control the ship. Honestly I like this part it’s like the calm before the storm, I feel like in any other movie that amount of time with nothing happening would kill the tone but ridley finds the perfect balance to just let the horror brew. The cast of this movie is one that as time has gone by you realize just how great most of them have become like Tom Skerritt and John Hurt and even the great Sigourney Weaver who really holds her own here as a female lead actress. Now before I actually mention the xenomorphs or the facehuggers the egg design was always the creepiest thing because just how slimy and vile they looked and that they opened up at the top to let the egg let out the facehuggers it made me sick the first time and even now it churns my stomach to see H.R Giger who was the concept artist for alien was a sick and twisted evil genius just a truly a icon for this and though the Xenomorph is his master design I think the eggs are a close second.

Now the Xenomorph itself is such a great alien design what i love about it is that you never really see it, you always get headshots and its lurking in the shadows gives it a rodent feel like it’s just living among you and that makes it that much scarier. Also though i’m sure it wasn’t even in the rough draft of the script but the fact that the alien’s blood is made of acid makes the movie that much more complicated because it’s not a simple kill now the rest of the movie is trying to find a way to get this thing off there ship or just escaping all together. This is such a classic if you have never seen alien honestly take the time to see this you can find it anywhere it’s no more than 5 dollars at a wal-mart or even a few dollars to rent on google play it’s perfect for a movie night with some friends.

Overall I love this movie i’m giving it a “A”, if you have seen alien though comment below and let me know what you thought and if you like what you read like and subscribe for more.

5 thoughts on “Alien (1979)

  1. Alien is one of my all time favourite sci-fi / horror films. Love it! I’ve been revisiting the Alien films again to get in the mood for the Alien Covenant as well. Alien is so well filmed, stunning designs from HR Giger, and the scares are genuinely powerful. The original and still the best IMOP

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