The Circle

The Circle is directed by James Ponsoldt(The End Of The Tour,Spectacular Now) and stars Emma Watson(Bling Ring, Harry Potter series) Tom Hanks(Forrest Gump,Sully), and John Boyega(Star Wars:the force awakens,attack the block). The trailer to this movie was the most intriguing thing I had seen it seemed like a slow thriller with a very talented cast I had my eye on this week just because all signs were green with this one, and I loved James Ponsoldt last movie the end of the tour about David Foster Wallace so i just knew it was going to be great. Now one thing that worried me was the fact i bought my ticket and saw the theater was near empty on the atom app and once I got there it was just a elderly couple who i’m sure just decided on a movie night, it does make me sad to see that a movie with such an interesting premise get the cold shoulder treatment and when studios see that it’s the main reason why they won’t give original ideas at least a foot in the door because they end up losing money.

Now the movie itself i’m very on the fence on because even though it sets itself up for something tense it never executes anything it was a bit confusing because the overall story is that mae holland(watson) is working a dead end job until her friend gets her a interview at this place called the circle a company similar to google where people use technology and the internet to market new ideas and apps but soon mae finds out that there’s a dark side to where technology can go and just how much her privacy is being ruined. now even though the cast in this is great even a few people like Bill Paxton(may he rest in peace) and Karen Gillan, no one is particularly written well not even Watson who is the main character really are able to give great performances and it stifles them as actors even boyega who is played up to possibly be this person who basically created the circle and is set up to be this person who wants to fix everything never really does anything in the end expect watching things from a distance and being quiet, even Hanks who is the very definition of acting doesn’t have a lot of screen time is subjected to the steve jobs type of character who gives a lot panels about there products I really feel like he should of been the focal point of this or show his point of view because he is the antagonist of this but it never feels like he is. Now the thing this movie does really well is that it brings a great topic up of we as a society love to share our lives with others but how much do we respect our own privacy and how we would feel if someone could watch us at any moment and just how accessible something…or someone can be there were a lot times where I felt a sinking feeling because you can see how engulfed someone’s life can be by social media and it feels like these people are living in a different world apart from the real one.

Overall i’ll say this movie is pretty messy and full of plot holes but it does have something to say about us as a society, even if don’t get to a theater to see this it does feel like this is the type of movie that will play 90 times on FX throughout the week so you will have the chance to see this in a few years, i’m going to give the circle a “C” if you say the circle what did you think? Comment below and if you like what you read like and subscribe for more.

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