Guardians of the galaxy Vol. 2

Guardians of the galaxy vol. 2 is directed James Gunn and stars Chris Pratt(Jurassic World,Zero Dark Thirty), Zoe Saldana(Star Trek Beyond,Avatar),Bradley Cooper(Silver Linings Playbook,Hangover series) as the voice of rocket,Vin Diesel(fast and Furious franchise,pitch black franchise) as the voice of baby groot, and Kurt Russell(fate of the furious,Hateful Eight). In 2014 marvel released guardians of the galaxy a comic book series that was discontinued in the 70s but when the trailer was released it soon gained a lot of buzz and when it was released it also gained critical acclaim not just by critics but by fans to, it is by far my favorite marvel movie not only for its ragtag feel but the fact both of these movies are such great sci-fi world building movies the use of space and aliens reminds me of star wars, even in my theater there was kid behind me loving this movie it made me wish i was ten years old again growing up with a franchise like this has to be exciting to be experiencing.

Almost immediately the tone is set with this movie with a fight scene that really uses comedy in such a unique way with baby groot and of course it’s not a sequel without a great medley of 80s music those two things is such a hook and really straps you in by the end of the first couple of scenes,the chemistry between the team gels together so nicely, even some of the supporting cast work well around the guardians james gunn much like joss whedon is great at making multiple characters memorable and great at never missing a beat comedy wise i’m already quoting this movie with friends and making inside jokes it makes these movies so great on there on I only hope that during infinity war they get enough screen time I mean i prefer this as a standalone but it will be interesting to see the guardians of the galaxy fight alongside the avengers now not to say this movie is the greatest thing to happen to mankind it does have its flaw and it suffers from the same thing almost all these MCU movies suffer from….the third act is so bloated and excessive it’s something Kevin Feige and the rest of the disney executives seem to just love i did prepare myself for it going in but even this time I felt my self shifting in my seat waiting for the final fight to just get over with now I understand these movies always have to raise the stakes there summer tent pole movies and what’s a summer action movie without the problem being that the world is gonna blow up or gargantuas helicarriers falling to the ground something huge always has to occur and though i’m sure there is still a few that enjoy that but after the what seems like the uptenth time marvel needs to figure a way to end there movies better.

Overall I did love this movie it is one of the three marvel movies from disney though i’m really excited for spider-man and thor I am sure this one will stick with me more than those two will or even any other marvel movie has, im gonna give guardians of the galaxy vol.2 a “B+” if you saw guardians of the galaxy vol.2 what did you think? comment below and if you like what you read like and subscribe for more.

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