King Arthur:Legend of the sword

King Arthur:Legend of the sword is directed by Guy Ritchie(Snatch,Sherlock Holmes) and stars Charlie Hunnam(Sons of Anarchy,Pacific Rim), Eric Bana(Hulk,Deliver us from evil), and Jude Law(Alfie,The talented Mr.Ripley ). I sit here just a little defeated and not the my team just lost game 7 and lebron james just hit the buzzer beater and now i’m sitting knowing that it’s all over with the fact my team did put in effort it just came down to a final shot…no this is more like my team gave up a 20 point lead and never caught up as the other team scored on us over and over again, if you don’t know what that’s like if you’re not a sports fan or you root for the patriots, let me tell you it’s truly awful and I hoped not to feel that way outside of a game and never when watching a movie because i’m a fan of Guy Ritchie and I knew the odds were against him another remake of King Arthur isn’t something that i don’t think anyone has been petitioning for but that’s not to say that i wouldn’t enjoy it and that maybe his rendition would be something that could turn into a cult hit slowly through the years much like a Knight’s Tale is, but after watching this I can say I feel more drained than excited.

This movie starts off with a great variety of establishing shots and a great action set piece of a kingdom being attacked by a giant elephant army that’s where the movie will have you hooked but after the sequence is over well so does my interest for this movie now like I said before I like Guy Ritchie I think Snatch is one of the most unique movies I have ever seen and I think his style of directing that quippy and fast style of dialogue and the way he sets up problem and solution is something only he can do but his style in this is so stifled and it comes off really awkward instead of brilliant, there are glimpses of his direction in this and it’s great to see but there so few and far between that eventually you forget he was even involved in this, as far as acting is concerned the cast in this is rock solid but the downside you won’t see it play out onscreen Aiden Gillan,Djimon Hounsou,and Jude Law make up the supporting cast and they all give a very mediocre performances which is the most frustrating thing because they’re all great actors but there choice of acting comes off as wooden and very uninterested.

Now I can’t put the blame on Mr. Ritchie totally and that’s when I look to to Warner brothers because this movie was supposed to be released in 2016 before they delayed it to the early part of May sandwiched between a very big marvel property and Aliens it also leads to believe that warner brothers probably didn’t stop there and that maybe they themselves put their own ideas of what this movie should of been much like they did when Suicide Squad and Batman vs. Superman came out and that’s there problem let the creator CREATE!!!! You have talented people behind this so let them do what they do best, and as a studio have some faith that they will do it right and do your part. There is a line that every other studio gets where they don’t bleed through and muscle in their vision because they don’t think that it will hit with an audience and that makes me believe that Warner Brothers should not hold any other big name properties because there lack of confidence has ruined the DC properties and now may have ruined King Arthur from ever being made again it’s difficult to see that and also makes me really angry that we don’t get see what could’ve been with this movie.

Overall I did not enjoy my time in the theater with this one I even went back the next day just to watch Guardians of the galaxy again just to wash out the bad taste that was this movie which only leads to say this movie is getting a “F” if you saw King Arthur comment below and give me your opinion of it and if you like what you read like and subscribe for more.

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