Alien:Covenant is directed by Ridley Scott(Alien,The Martian) and stars Katherine Waterston(Inherent Vice,Fantastic Beasts and where to find them ), Billy Crudup(Watchmen,Jackie) Danny Mcbride(Sausage Party,Pineapple express) and Michael Fassbender(Assassins Creed,Steve Jobs) and is a sequel to Prometheus and a prequel to the 1976 “Alien”. If you’re a fan of the Alien series or just a someone who appreciates a good movie you have come across Ridley Scott’s name or our aware that he is a pioneer of the sci-fi movie with Alien,Blade Runner, and The Martian he has such a vivid imagination and a true talent with his use of practical effects and cinematography, I mean one of the many things I look forward to when seeing his movies is the landscape shots and wide shots of the location a movie would be taking place, his resume speaks for itself but even the greatest have to know when to give it a rest and never have I pondered on this question more then when I when walked out of this movie because though I do love the first two alien movies and would hope Ridley could do that with covenant and bring the imaginative and thriller elements back to Alien.

Now I don’t wanna be crass toward this movie because there are a long list of things it does right, and like I mentioned this film is beautiful the cinematography in this is breathtaking the landscape shots in this will leave you wide-eyed and even some of the futuristic elements of the ship there on and the shots of space left me in a daze, even the characters in this are also fantastic Danny Mcbride was great it’s good to see people like him step out of comedy for a moment and dip their toes in other genre’s and he was by far my favorite character, now even though danny is great I can’t give him all the credit Michael Fassbender has a lot on his shoulders and he carries this role nicely a lot of the second act revolves around him and his performance is all around phenomenal he has to play two characters and it only proves that he not only has the talent but the patience to do that.  But with the positives addressed it does not mean this movie doesn’t have its flaws and this is where my mind is conflicted because the premise to the first alien is so simple and still so intriguing and not since its sequel has there been an alien movie that has at least stayed true to its horror and sci-fi element and I really wanted covenant to be that considering Ridley is back and since this is a franchise that he himself created  I would hope that he would bring it back to what it was and even though there are flashes of it mostly towards the beginning the other side of it it feels forced there were times when the Xenomorph felt like a dinosaur eating people then it does feel like a creature that lurks in the shadows and even though it was nice to see some CGI with the xenomorph it gave it mobility and made the chest burster and now a back burster (which was really cool) even that more grotesque and violent it also makes the xenomorph hollow and clay-like and they never felt scary there was no tension between them and the humans, there were so many times it just felt like a slasher movie I mean there’s even a scene where two couples are showering and there both killed which is by far the most cliche thing that can be done especially coming from Ridley Scott.

Overall I thought this was passable but had so much potential to be a breath of fresh air Alien has so desperately needed which leaves me to give alien:Covenant a “C-” if you saw alien:Covenant what did you think? Comment below and if you like what you read like and subscribe for more.

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