Is The Summer Season Dead?

As we approach the summer, studios cash in the fact that droves of people will be flocking to the theater to see there new releases. It’s an age old tradition that has evolved over the years with theaters including reclining seats and even the Atom app that allows you to avoid lines, and even IMAX screenings improving in size and quality it’s no surprise a trip to the theater is still on top of many people’s list for entertainment, but even with the many attributes named this summer is already predicted to be on the decline at an even 10 percent* which leaves the inevitable question is the summer blockbuster dead?

Franchise,superhero,and reboot fatigue are always the first one to get there finger pointed at them, but I don’t blame fatigue I blame oversaturation of the movie market, your casual movie fan will go to the theater maybe once or twice a year but when you look at the movie release schedule and see that Guardians of the Galaxy,King Arthur, another alien sequel,Baywatch and a fifth Pirates of the Caribbean are head to head with each other, Wonder Women, a Mummy reboot,a fifth Transformers movie, and Spider-Man reboot all come out in that order every weekend and honestly if you look even further you a Planet of the Apes sequel a few horror movies and not to mention all the animated features that are due in the heart of june and july the options are endless which can leave several movies getting the short end of the straw.

You know what’s a bad idea remaking classics that fans never asked for….want to know what’s even worse than that giving that remake a 100 million dollar budget and never relaying the question “can this make actually be a hit?” because it seems every year we get one that puts a dent in a studios wallet this year it happened with King Arthur being a commercial flop and last year with a remake of the 1959 classic Ben-Hur tanking domestically it amazes me executives aren’t as conservative with their resources and ideas.

Though the theater experience is still fun and a great way to get out of the house it  doesn’t hide the fact many have found comfort in staying inside and binge-watching one the many streaming services available for download, studios have been competing with this by releasing movies on blu-ray and digitally within a matter of just two to three months now which also cuts down on time a movie will still be in theaters.

But even as the movie industry evolves so does its format for release dates and the the perfect example for this is, two years ago Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released in the middle of the holiday season which is has always been a avoided time for releasing a film because when your movie has to compete with the the fast-paced and busy times of Thanksgiving and Christmas it never fares well for a film but disney put their chips in and it payed off in a huge way and it end up being the second highest grossest movie of all time.

In my opinion as time has changed the things around us so has the circumstances to stick to one format and keep the tentpole in the hot summer season. If you like what you read leave a like and subscribe for more.

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