Quick Thoughts:Wonder Woman

So my apologies for the late review for wonder woman I got the opportunity to see it this weekend but by now i’m sure you have either seen it or have heard the glowing reviews it has received over the last couple of days it is definitely earned its hype and for two very good reasons which is something I want to touch on very quickly because there’s no real reason to get to detailed if you haven’t seen it yet you are really missing out on what may potentially be the best movie of the summer.

So to illiterate on on the two things I wanted to get my voice my opinion on, first I want to congratulate Patty Jenkins and Warner brothers for ending this losing streak for DC comics and WB for allowing Patty Jenkins to create the movie she wanted. It was incredible to see a live action version of Diana on the silver screen and much like Kenneth Branagh did for Thor we see a hero who was overlooked now transition into possibly the most popular, I can only hope this win streak can continue with all the future DC movies and fans can get what they deserve.

But most importantly this creates momentum for DC with the disaster of BVS and Suicide Squad and the mixed reviews of Man Of Steel the DCUE has slowly lost the faith of it’s fan and critics alike there set up for movie releases has been out of whack and the brooding and dark atmosphere of Zack Snyder’s vision for these movies has gotten archaic and over all annoying, and even Warner Brothers with their lack of self confidence in the properties they own has stifled directors and even actors creativity to bring something new to the table. I can only hope they allow Joss whedon and Matthew Vaughn to use their credibility as directors to make great movies much like they did for Mrs Jenkins.

If you have thoughts on wonder woman or the DCEU comment below! and if you like what you read like and subscribe for more.

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