It Comes At Night 

It Comes At Night is directed and written by trey Edward-Schultz and stars Joel Edgerton(The Gift,Black Mass),Christopher Abbott(Girls,A Most Violent Year), Carmen Ejogo(Selma,Alien:Covenant) before I get into my thoughts about this movie can i just say A24 you guys are a bunch of geniuses can you guys just make all the movies like all of them! I mean look at the last couple of movies to come out of that studio with The vvitch,Moonlight,Arrival,The Lobster,and the most recently this movie, the talent that this studio finds and funds is incredible and i’ll be looking forward to anything they release for a long time.

With that being said i’m very much in the minority about my thoughts on this movie it’s currently sitting at 87% on Rotten Tomatoes  and a 44% with audiences but i think this movie does something special with a plot that has been done before it creates its own tension not with cliche jump scares and eerie music blanketed on top of every scene it takes a very realistic approach of if mankind was on the verge of extinction and a family who has survived in the woods for a part of it if not most of it how would they react? would there morals be canceled out by their will to survive? and how long would they live in a cautiously in these woods? i mean it’s a movie that gives you the ability to approach it and not spending a chunk of time explaining where the virus came from or even what it does, it set up so you understand that there is a disease that can kill you and anyone even themselves are in danger of getting it. I love that you immediately understand the danger therein, also Trey  Schultz takes advantage of his R rating and creates a very grim outlook it pulls no punches to the situation it creates I felt myself shaking just because i feel like any other movie wouldn’t have created such a morbid movie but that’s why A24 is making the best movies right now.

Now that being said the run time for it comes at night clocks in at about a hour and a half which was nice break from the over bloated epics i’ve been seeing the last couple of weeks but that’s not to say it uses that time wisely there are times the movie will step away to introduce a side plot that is never mentioned again one of those being a possible supernatural element that I felt cheapened the thrill and a very abrupt ending that I think may have been the reason why the audience score and a few in my theater to groan when the lights came up, it certainly feels awkward and this movie could’ve used at least another 15 minutes to type up its loose ends.

Overall i give It comes at night a “B+” if you saw It comes at night comment below with your thoughts and if you like what you read like and subscribe for more.

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