Rough Night

Rough Night is directed by Lucia Aniello(Time Traveling bong,Broad City) and stars Scarlett Johansson(Avengers,Lucy),Zoe Kravitz(Dope,Mad Max:Fury Road), Jillian Bell(22 Jump Street, Workaholics),Kate Mckinnon(Ghostbusters,SNL) and Ilana Glazer(The Night Before,Broad City) this is one of the first comedies of this year especially a R-rated one but that type of movie has been dominated by the Seth Rogen’s of the world but the question is there room for two on that mountain?

I’m way out of the demo for this movie for one, i’m almost 25 and i’m a male but I am a huge fan of the show broad city and I think that alternative type of comedy works well in this. But this movie doesn’t have the timing and tone of something Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen or even a Judd Apatow have, it suffers from joke dragging and a lot of line-o-rama which puts this movie in “rough” spot for me because this movie did get a lot of laughs out of me most of them coming from Glazer and Mckinnon they are definitely my two favorite comedians right now so to see them in a movie together was incredibly entertaining everyone else was fine to, this is the first time I have actually enjoyed Scarjo in something so that’s definitely a plus.

Overall I think this is a good date night or movie night type of movie If this gets a release on netflix or in a couple of months when it’s available on Google Play or Redbox it’s worth a watch. I’m going to give Rough Night a “C” if you’ve seen rough night comment below with your thoughts and if you like what you read like and subscribe for more.

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