Spider-man Homecoming is directed by Jon Watts(Cop Car,Clown) and stars Tom Holland(Locke,The Impossible),Robert Downey Jr.(Iron man,Avengers) and Michael Keaton(Birdman,The Founder).

After the all the speculation and excitement that we would see Spider-Man in Captain America:Civil War it was only obvious that we would get a stand alone for the webslinger and kevin feige and the rest of the marvel team deserve accolades for giving us a new rendition of Spider-Man, this is the reboot that i’m sure fans have been asking for since Raimi directed his trilogy in the early 2000s, if you are even remotely a fan of spider-man i’m sure you’ve seen this maybe even twice since this review has gone up and if you haven’t i’m sure everyone that you know has told you to go out and see this it is by far the most exciting movie you will see this year.

The timeline takes place after the events of Civil War and Peter Parker is anxious to get that call from tony stark to fight alongside him again but in the meantime still has to carry out the life of a teenager all while hiding his identity of being a spider-man, which is the huge upside to this movie we see Peter Parker as a high schooler something the other movies almost always skimmed on, also peter’s personality in this is great he plays well into the persona of geeky teenager who is trying to come to terms with his superhuman abilities(and how much fun he is having with them as well).

One thing I was nervous about was that because Tony Stark was heavily involved with the marketing that he would also be an asset to this movie and only because it can be very easy to turn this movie into a Iron-Man/Spider-Man or Avengers/Spider-Man movie. But this is not the case this is very much the story of Peter and the use of Iron Man and the rest of the MCU is looked at through the perspective of not only the villain and how it has affected him personally, but also the rest of the world.

Overall I give this movie a “A” if you’ve seen Spider-Man:Homecoming tell me what you thought about it in the comment section and if you like what you read like and subscribe for more.

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