My top 5 favorite movies of this year (so far!)

As we approach the halfway point of the year I wanted to reflect on the top 5 movies that were released so far, mind you this is my own personal list that i’m vocalizing and not what the mass are sharing (though we may not be far off from each other).

5. Raw

I didn’t get to see in a theater because I don’t live in a big market for film, but when I heard about people fainting during it’s festival run and it’s very odd and grotesque trailer there was a certain level of curiosity on my part but after seeing it I do agree a lot of it is gross out horror but it’s done in a slow and maniacal way.

4. Lego Batman

Over the past two years I have really embraced the digital download, Google Play and Vudu have been the place I buy movies mostly because I have the ability to watch movies anywhere with digital media but there is a handful of films that I needed in physical copy (like La La land and Rogue One) but when it was made available I got it, it’s such a million jokes a minute I love that fast-paced type of comedy it embraced from Lorde and Miller.

3. Get Out

Jordan Peele directorial debut was a homerun, considering the premise could be considered such a stretch but Peele’s imagination and talent are what qualify him as the only person to pull such a stretch anyways, I can’t wait to see what he does next.

2. Guardians of the galaxy vol.2

This was a difficult decision because my last two favorites are neck and neck with a third movie awkwardly in the mix but I can confidently say I made the right decision I loved this movie I saw it twice and if it weren’t for so many movies coming out in the recent weeks after guardians release I would have watched it a third time James Gunn has a masterpiece on his hand and it’s a truly unique and stands on its own even though it’s a Marvel film.

1. Logan

If there is anything I like in a superhero film it’s one thing…stakes, I like a realistic approach and what I mean is I want to see the villain struggle to fight a hero and a hero to struggle fighting a villain, I like knowing that a battle can go either way and more often than not we see a hero fight get down on his luck and then in third act overcome a villain by using some power he/she didn’t know they had or exposing a villians weakness and honestly that gets very stale and boring. But there have been a few times where this cliche wasn’t used like the Dark Knight, Civil War, and Logan I felt like there were stakes a much higher in this and that puts it in my top spot for this year.

If you had some favorite’s this year comment below and let me know what they were and if you like what you read like and subscribe for more.

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