War for the planet of the apes

War for the planet of the apes is directed by Matt Reeves (Rise of the planet of the apes,Dawn of the planet of the apes) and stars Andy Serkis(Lord of the rings,King Kong), Steve Zahn(National Security,The Good Dinosaur), and Woody Harrelson(True Detective,Zombieland).

You know that old expression “Time+Effort=success” well it fits Matt Reeves ape trilogy perfectly considering the amount of work that has to go into making a movie like this there is almost no dialogue there are huge gaps of this where it’s just apes doing sign language and that’s how you get most of your “dialogue” but it’s intriguing and works. But the most impressive thing is this is a war movie it even starts with a group of soldiers sneaking through the woods like something in Call of duty and even turns into a P.O.W camp movie during the second act with that being said this movie may just be my favorite movie of this summer it will stick with you on much more visceral level even with all the Spidermans and Wonder womans that are great movies that are entertaining and are a great time in a theater this one stuck with me much more not on the emotional level that any war movie will impact you on but just seeing the talent that Reeve’s has I cant wait what that guy does with the Batman franchise.

Overall this is not one you want to wait on its a epic that’s worth the extra few dollars at a IMAX even if you see it a few weeks it in just see it! i’m giving War for the planet of the apes a “A+” if you have seen War for the planet of the apes what did you think comment below and if you like what you read like and subscribe for more.  

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