Atomic Blonde

Atomic Blonde is directed by David Leitch(John Wick,The Bourne Legacy) and stars Charlize Theron(Mad Max:Fury Road,Furious 8),James Mcavoy(X-men Apocalypse,Split), Sofia Boutella(Star Trek Beyond,The Mummy), and John Goodman(Argo,10 Cloverfield Lane).

David Leitch seems to have a interesting career considering he has a modern action classic under his belt with John Wick but the rest of his filmography is full of what I like to call “FX on a thursday night” movies because they ride this line of just being good enough to watch but never makes a impact with anyone, and sadly Atomic Blonde is just that, a generic attempt to recreate another version everything that he has done before from the neon lighting and darkened cinematography to the one take action set pieces that even though there stylish i’ve seen already in John Wick, as a matter of fact a lot of this is almost completely identical to that movie I felt like I should’ve just stayed home and watched that movie again.

The cast in this is solid at this point Mrs. Theron is incapable of giving a bad performance she is very much the highlight of anything she is in and her co-star Sofia Boutella is a force to be reckoned with, I very much look forward to seeing them work together again or just watching them continue to kick ass on screen. James Mcavoy is great to again someone else who has shifted gears and is churning out some great stuff. He is grimy with a suave charm in this trust me if anything is going to hook you in this movie it’s the actors and actresses who fill in the screen around this movie.

Overall this movie is unfortunately something that just exists which is almost a failure in my eyes because it shouldn’t have been that given the talent that surrounds it im going to give Atomic Blonde a “C-” if you’ve seen this movie leave a comment and if you like what you read like and subscribe for more.

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