Annabelle creation is directed by David F. Sandberg(Lights Out) and stars Talitha Bateman(Nine Lives,5th wave),Stephanie Stigman(Narcos,Spectre), and Miranda Otto(War of the worlds,I,Frankenstein).

Last year Mr. Sandberg released the surprising hit “Lights Out” a movie based off a short film also directed by Sandberg last year and when I saw he was directing the prequel to Annabelle I knew there was going to be a change of pace from the first one that came out two years, Now like anything like any other franchise the conjuring spin-offs all exist in the same cinematic universe so of course we can expect these in between the conjuring movies but after the first Annabelle movie didn’t receive the critical acclaim that i’m sure New Line Cinema wanted they let David Sandberg helm a prequel and this is by far heads and tails better than the last one.

One of the handful things I enjoy about Sandberg is he knows how to let tension brew this is the third time we’ve seen the Annabelle doll on screen and this the first time she really has been scary the way he films the doll and as mechanism to know that something scary is nearby instead of the doll being a jumpscare itself was incredibly impressive, there are times when you know something is coming but you can feel the tension physically straining your body it was a ride in itself. It was even scarier considering I watch this in a packed theater with people that were screaming and enjoying the movie just as much as I did.

Now to say I think the sub-genre of demon possession/supernatural entities is one that can get really dull I mean how many ways can you approach a doll that haunts a family, so this movie supports itself on a lot of the same cliches you see in a movie like this there are a ton of fake out scares and you will not remember anything about any of these characters even though there so much time devoted to setting them up. But Sandberg breathes at least some type of life into this movie with different approaches that I would definitely recommend watching this soon while the theaters still have a crowd in the screenings for them and watching this movie with a group of friends when its on DVD,

Overall im going to give Annabelle:Creation a “C+” if you saw Annabelle:Creation what did you think of it leave a comment and if you like what you read leave a like and subscribe for more.

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