Stephen King Throwback:Children of the corn

So if you follow any of my social media accounts two weeks ago I said I would be sharing my thoughts on one Stephen King novel based movie until the release of IT now with the timetable that leaves roughly 6 movies which would not cover every movie(there is a lot of them!). The first movie I wanted to review mostly because its been on my netflix que for a solid minute is “children of the corn” directed fritz Kiersh(The Stranger,Tuff Turf) and stars Linda Hamilton(Terminator 1&2,Dante’s peak),

To start off Children of the corn is a 33 year old movie and like most of stephen king’s matariel  it was made on a massively small budget so there was going to be terrible cgi,bad acting,some anti-religious undertone, and the scares weren’t  going to age well but like any king screenplay, but what i wasn’t prepared for was how boring this movie is I mean it’s a hour and a half long and in even in that timeframe there is still huge gaps of filler, the first twenty minutes are excruciatingly dated with a opening murder scene that is laughable at its best and so many scenes of dialogue and fake out jumpscares that are awkward and misplaced it was almost like the director forgot it was horror movie and sprinkled them in . Now rules of a movie when you set up a subplot it needs to be explained and it needs to affect the movie in some way or the other, but hey who needs rules anyway when it comes to a small child who has psychic powers and can see into the future. Why does she have these abilities? why doesn’t she tell the two main characters that bad things will happen if they stay? if she can see into the future why doesn’t she help her friend who tries to run away early in the movie that he will die?yeah sure it’s important to answer those questions but the movie doesn’t feel the need to so just ignore it and get scared at the drawings she has in her room.

Overall this was a headache to watch and i’m sure it does no actual justice to the short story that it was based on and your betting leaving this movie alone in the 5 dollar bin at walmart. I’m going to give Children of the corn a “D-”. I do apologize that i haven’t gotten these up every week but I will still have up the other reviews before IT comes out next weekend.

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