Death Note (2017)

Death Note is directed by Adam Wingard(VHS,You’re next) and stars Nat Wolff(Paper Towns,The fault in our stars),Margaret Qually(The nice guys,Palo Alto),Lakeith Stanfield(Dope,Get Out) and William Dafoe(Platoon,Mississippi Burning).

Over The last week i’ve been watching the anime this movie is based on and it is by far the most intelligent and thematic heavy show i’ve ever seen I’m not one for anime most times it’s bloated with to many characters and to many things are happening at once but death note had no such problems it’s about a teenage boy who comes across a book named death note and if you write a name in the book that person will die but along the way the show turns into a psychological cat and mouse game between a boy who is unaware of the consciences that behold him and what can happen when chaos and morality try to meld it truly is fantastic.

Now I think it’s great that netflix wants to get a broader audience for anime it’s another step toward getting away from FCC and public television that stifle art and censor everything when streaming platforms can do whatever they want and can afford to take chances on ideas what needs to be done is if your going to do a live action thats based on anything be familiar with said property, after watching this I’m convinced Adam Wingard didn’t know about the show the execs told him what the show was loosely about and all the names of the characters and he just made this movie based on that. No one is what they are like in the show Light who is played by hayden chr- err i mean Nat Wolff is so bland and uninteresting which is far from the Light in the show who is was smart collected and thought out all his actions and ideas in this he immediately shows the book to the first girl who smiles in his direction and a school nerd who chooses to get revenge right away. Ryuk the shinigami who is played by william dafoe (who i’m not going to lie is the coolest casting choice) is far from the Ryuk in the show he was more interested in the actions humans decided by themselves then to provoke the chaos on his own the only character that fits the mold is Lakieths performance of L who is a left of center detective who has never lost a case that has a sweet tooth and doesn’t believe in wearing shoes or sitting properly . As a collective i’m sure this will have a bitter outcome for fans of the anime and only because this does absolutely no justice to the how great the show really is.

Overall i’m sad to say this is a thumbs down for me, but please do yourself a favor and watch the anime which is also on netflix it’s only one season and each episode is about 20 minutes long so you can run through the whole thing in one day, the fast-paced nature and beat by beat selection of the show is well worth it on its own. If you’ve seen Death note the movie what did you think? leave a comment and if you like what you read like and subscribe for more.

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