IT is directed by Andre Muschietti(Mama) and stars Bills Skarsgard(),Finn Wolfhard(Stranger Things),and Sophia Lillis(37,The Lipstick Stain).

In 1990 the tv miniseries for a live-action version of Stephen King’s book IT was released and created not only a horror icon with Tim Curry’s performance of Pennywise the clown but also created the fear many have for clowns now, but time has not been kind to that movie and with its already small budget it has not aged particularly well and was due a reboot badly and when i saw the first promo shot and even the first trailer I hyped this movie up in my head and it is everything I thought it was gonna be. The casting director for this deserves a medal for the talent that he found for the Losers Club all those kids were incredibly talented and all had great chemistry I felt like I was watching myself and all my friends when we were in middle school they played off each other but the best performance was Bill Skarsgard portraying pennywise his take on the shapeshifting clown was so unsettling his movement and cadence made him such a threat to the rest of the kids,Mr muschietti made full use of the R rating with the way he would kill and scare everybody in the small town of derry, there are times when he move or the way his eyes would spread out that you can tell he wasn’t human and with the effects of today it pays off in spades how much scarier you could do a movie like this.

Overall this is in my personal top ten so far this year I can’t wait to watch “it” again for a second time and even if your get scared easily give this a watch and lose a night of sleep it’ll be well worth it, I’m going to give IT a “A”. If you have seen IT what did you think leave a comment and if you like what you read like and subscribe for more.

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