Quick Thoughts:Return of the Abrams

Yesterday Kathleen Kennedy and the rest of the Lucasfilm/Disney team announced JJ Abrams would be returning to direct the last installment of their new trilogy set to be released on December 20, 2019 and has most people vocalizing there opinions on his return.

First off I think everyone can breathe a sigh of relief because Colin trevorrow directing episode 9 was a gamble and with his last movie “The book of Henry” getting bad reviews and tanking in the box office it can make any fan of any franchise sweat bullets knowing that’s the guy closing out your favorite trilogy. But the important part is that Abrams can close out his vision (if he had one for Force Awakens)

“The Force Awakens is just A New Hope” It is really annoying to hear this by a majority of fans, Abrams goal was to tribute the old and carve out a new vision so that way there’s something for everyone to take away when you saw it and now that he is coming back there seems to be some resentment, which if that is the case if your that person everyone has the choice to approach these movies they way they like but stand back and look at the big picture before you make your final decision on this new trilogy.

Now a ending needs a good setup and in four months we will find out if JJ has his work cut out for him or if Rian Johnson can give him the assist that he needs to give us the best movie possible and speaking of Rian can we get that full trailer yet buddy? With Carrie Fisher’s death there is still a lot to consider if it still stands she wont be in episode 9 and pushing it back to the december slot is the best decision right now and hey who doesn’t love NBA christmas games and Star Wars movies in the same month?

What are your thoughts on JJ Abrams helming episode 9? comment below and if you like what you read like and subscribe for more.

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