Mother! is directed by Darren Aronofsky(The Wrestler,Black Swan) and stars Jennifer Lawrence(Hunger Games,Joy), Javier Bardem(No Country for old men,Pirates of the caribbean), Ed Harris(Remember the titans,Truman Show), Michelle Pfeiffer(The Family,Scarface).

Darren Aronofsky is a genius there is no subtle way to put it his ability to create uncomfortable and ultra realistic situations is something I really admire because his style is like watching a car crash unfold in front of you for two hours and Mother! Is no exception to the rule it is a arthouse film that if your not prepared for it could make it feel like you just watched the worst movie ever when in reality it’s something you need to give your full attention to.

This movie has racked up 8 million dollars this weekend and has created some controversy between critics and moviegoers, but to be blunt this movie is terrible….if you take it at face value there is hidden meanings and subliminal messages that can be easily overlooked if your expecting a typical horror movie because in some cases this barely squeezes into the genre of horror its more just a arthouse piece that has many gory and troubling scenes in it. Along with its abstract technique Mother! is not kind to those who suffer from being claustrophobic its really tight shots on Jennifer Lawrence’s face and later in the movie when there are moments where a lot of people are congested in small rooms and confined places that can blindside someone with anxiety.

Overall this movie is a spectacle that unless you have the stomach to watch it won’t be something I can recommended to everyone. I’m going to give Mother! a “B-” if you have seen Mother! what did you think? comment below and if you like what you read like and subscribe for more. 

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