Blade Runner 2049


Blade Runner 2049 is directed by Denis Villeneuve(Arrival,Prisoners) and stars Ryan Gosling(La La Land,Drive),Harrison Ford(Star Wars,Indiana Jones), Ana De Armas(War Dogs,Knock Knock) and Jared Leto(Fight Club,Requiem for a dream).


30 years after the first Blade Runner we get a look into what that world has turned to after so many years and whether they answer the burning question most sci-fi and movie buffs have been debating for years “is deckard a replicant” and “what is the real difference between human and replicant”. First off this is the most genuine sequel I’ve seen in probably the couple of years it doesn’t try to hook people with nostalgic callbacks and unnecessary cameos it’s a viewpoint of what would happen if replicants were much more advanced and how advanced could you make them before they actually just become humans with a consciousness, it’s a deep thinking piece of where does the line get drawn between artificial intelligence and real intelligence and much like Ridley did with the first movie this is a movie that will having you trying to solve the underlying puzzle it’s presented the audience with. Speaking of Ridley Scott the pacing and look of this sequel is very much like his own, Mr. Villanue and Mr. Deakins set out to make the most beautiful and mystic looking movie and they deserve accolades for there work. Now the flipside is because it looks like a Ridley Scott movie it also moves like one to, it takes its time to move the plot along and marinates in itself so fair warning if your not familiar with anything related to blade runner there’s good chance your gonna be watching this movie with the “Nick Young meme” look on your face.
With the start of October this means we’ll start seeing potential Oscar worthy films, and this is one to put on your short list for its look and could even gain a “best picture” spot. Overall this is impressive feature and can’t wait to see how this will impact the culture of sci-fi in a few years. i’m going to give Blade Runner a “A” have you seen Blade Runner 2049? Leave a comment with your thoughts and if you like what you read like and subscribe for more.

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