Quick Thoughts:The Last Jedi Trailer

I’m typing this right that now with my hands shaking a little right now never have I wanted to get so many ideas out of my head all at once since I found out the trailer was being released today i’ve been counting the days and even going through my full work day and having to sit through that less than subpar monday night game (honestly who thought two teams sitting at the bottom of the division was a good prime time game) but we’re finally here I’ve dissected the hell out of the trailer and have already bought my tickets and ready to share some points I noticed.

  • The First Order seems larger and much more in demand in this new trailer the massive flagships and gorilla walkers, it feels reminiscent of how empire strikes back was when its demonstrated that the empire is so spread out across the galaxy they still have strength in numbers.

  • the first voice we hear in the trailer is that of Snoke and what i’m assuming is a conversation he is having with Kylo but the way it’s edited and even his choice of wording has me wondering if he is talking to rey the last shot of his voiceover is Rey holding a lightsaber and him saying “you have raw, untamed power and beyond that something special” maybe i’m looking to closely at it but one thing i’ve learned about trailers they can be very misleading.

  • we see Rey training on Ach-to with Luke and seeing just a glimpse of reusability of the force followed by a very concerned luke saying”i’ve seen this raw strength once before it didn’t scare me enough then it does now” which  could be his encounter both times with vader considering luke was quick to fight his father but now that luke is much older and doesn’t have the ability to fight on the level he did when he was a jedi knight maybe he fears if rey turns there is no one to stop her or his nephew.

  • the next few shots are Kylo flying in his personalized tie fighter which we can see his exceptional flying skills but when you have the genes of Anakin Skywalker and Han Solo i’m sure piloting a ship is a natural talent

  • Are first shot of Leia comes with her sitting at a table staring of to the distance with a worried look on her face maybe she is connecting with kylo through the force, and given kylo is struggling with his want to come back to the light side i’m sure his mom is playing a part to bring him back it would be interesting to see how there first encounter on screen would be.

  • Porgs are adorable…just felt like saying that.

  • It would seem the resistance is in a bad spot in this movie in the first trailer we see Poe Dameron’s X-wing get blown up and later in this trailer and in the first trailer Captain Phasma blows up what i can only assume is a important resistance base that luke gets buried in the rubble. Not to mention finn going toe-to-toe with phasma all while wearing admiral first order clothes the resistance has there backs to the wall and it’ll also be interesting to see how the battles will play out.

  • to bring it back to Luke and Rey again there seems to be a lot of them on this island as there are two extra shots one of rey coming out of water and luke also standing there also wet and another one where rey approaches a small corner of room with some books, i’m not to sure what the message between both could mean but i’m sure whatever it is it’ll be a deep and underlying.

  • The money shot at the end is Rey saying “I need someone to show me my place in all this” followed by a cut to kylo slowly putting out his hand now when i saw this i immediately got a red flag. first off if you look at rey’s background its black and what appears to be the light of fire reflecting off her face but then the shot of kylo he is much more lit and there are embers falling to the ground plus even though its hard to tell it appears rey’s outfit is the same one that she was wearing when going to see luke and kylo is missing the bandage on his face he had earlier in the trailer.

This is only the second trailer to be released by Lucasfilm and Disney and with only 66 days left until the last jedi hits theaters, i’m curious to see if and when we get a third trailer and a possible international trailer either way we are in the last stretch until this movie comes out and I couldn’t be more excited. Did you see the Last Jedi trailer if so what did you think leave a comment and if you like what you read leave a like and subscribe for more.

5 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts:The Last Jedi Trailer

      1. I like the darker tone this movie seems to have as well, this trailer was so exciting, and I’m sure we will all be counting down the days until The Last Jedi now 🙂


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