Justice League


Justice League is directed by Zack Snyder (uncredited Joss Whedon) and stars Ben Affleck(The Town,Argo),Gal Gadot(Wonder Women,Fast Five),Henry Cavill(Man of steel,The man from U.N.C.L.E),Jason Momoa(Game Of Thrones).


After a public backlash from critics and reasonable fans for Suicide Squad and Batman vs. Superman and multiple reports of problems on the set of Justice League it was with heavy concern that this movie wouldn’t  have a better outcome than its DCEU predecessors but with Whedon at the helm of this doing reshoots well into october Justice League has glimpses of great material but still suffers from  incompletion, not just from the screenwriting and plot development but the CGI in this was very rubbery and video game like and only adds to my question of, why did this need to be releasedt this year? DC and Warner Brothers already had a gem on their hands after Wonder Women was released in June riding high into the next year could of been the momentum needed to get the DCEU back on track and if the Aquaman movie can be a hit, Justice League would not only be given a opportunity to be reworked and better handled by Whedon but also be given time to develop the team and the villain “Steppenwolf” who is by far the weakest part of this film his unannounced entrance and his ill-described powers made him more of a drag then a asset to this movie and he seems to be just one of many other bigger bad guys in this universe.


When the team is all together that’s when this movie really shines and shows the creative mind that Joss Whedon has with making teams feel…well like teams, the normal debates and maybe tension that happens when a group of people are thrown together to fight something they don’t fully understand also accompanied by the feelings of not understanding or fully knowing each other is very realistic and is a highlight that really puts this movie in a good spot, it’s hard to continue my next thoughts without SPOILERS so you been warned now. After the team is banded there first “mission” is to bring superman back to life with these “Mother” boxes that are explained later in the first act they have unlimited amounts energy and a ability to bring superman back if used correctly, when he is revived and is added to the film that’s when this movie gets even choppier all his scenes feel like they were rewritten just to awkwardly fit him into the third act not to mention his weirdly CGI’d face (look up why it was done you might start scratching your head about why it plays out the way it does) that plagues the rest of this movie. But for the first time Superman is given interesting things to say and do, his dark and expressionless tone is replaced with a cheerful and upbeat attitude that we never got to see in Man Of Steel or BVS and though his addition to this movie is blotchy it’s nice to see a interesting Superman for once.
Overall this movie is a tattered mess that if Warner Brothers would of given time to the team that created this I’m sure this movie would have had a much better reaction from the public. If you have a interest in DC or would like to have one check out “Justice League War” or even the “Justice League Unlimited” cartoons on ITunes or Google Play it’s a much better representation of the team. I’m going to give Justice League a “D”. If you saw Justice League leave a comment about your thoughts and if you like what you read like and subscribe for more.

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