Coco is directed by Lee Unkrich and Adrian Molina and stars Anthony Gonzalez,Benjamin Bratt(Despicable Me 2,Doctor Strange),Gael Garcia Bernal,and Renee Victor(Paranormal Activity:The Marked Ones,Weeds).


In 2016 Pixar released Moana in the middle of november with very little marketing and recieved heavy praise for its attention to detail. Not only for the gorgeous animation of the hawaiian/pacific island and the environment that surrounds it but also the culture. But with only about a month left in the year it still gained a oscar nominations and a performance from Auli’i Cravalho during the award show.


It appears that Pixar has found a winning formula because releasing this Thanksgiving weekend was not only great for box office results but I’m sure giving that team four months to create a better was also in their best interest, it’s no surprise Pixar always has such breathtaking animation but the thing to take note is the use of light everything from warm artificial light to natural moonlight and daylight that shines into windows is a masterful touch and shows the genius of Unkrich and Molina. The mexican culture and how its betrayed is incredibly impressive everything from the dialect and speech patterns to how important family is to everyone in mexican/hispanic culture is to the point. The music is all mariachi themed and the singing is so full of vibrancy and even the guitar tone and playing is very detailed, the way a character would pluck a string or chord changes is also very detailed making the sound and culture feel that much more genuine. With the animation and effects Pixar does handle that with great praise on my end but this movie does speed by giving you no real time to invest in any of the many characters it presents (there are quite a bit) I have a feeling it might have to do with the “short” that starts before this movie that runs for about 30 minutes, not sure what prompted the studio to do that. But it certainly didn’t get the reaction they expected as most people including myself to look at their phones to see how long this was gonna be.
This is by far the most emotional movie I’ve seen by Disney probably since “Inside Out”. The last 15 minutes my screening was full of people crying and giving a slight “awww” under their breath. It’s impactful and this gets a “A” in my book. If you’ve seen Coco leave a comment and if you like what you read subscribe for more.

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