Roman J. Israel ESQ.


Roman J. Israel is directed by Dan gilroy(Nightcrawler) and stars Denzel Washington(The Equalizer,Unstoppable), Colin Farrell(Fantastics Beast,The Lobster) and also stars Carmen Ejogo(Selma,Purge:Anarchy).


Dan Gilroy is by far one of the best new directors working right now his last movie Nightcrawler was a sleeper hit in 2014 and was a showcase for not only for gilroy’s talent but his ability to get the best out of any actor or actress. Watching Jake Gyllenhaal in that movie would give anyone chills it’s such a grimy and deceptive character, that when I saw the Trailer for Roman J. Israel and saw Denzel was at gonna team up with Gilroy There was no way this wasn’t going to be the best movies I would see this year. This is a great move on Denzel’s part as he puts on a clinic on how just deep of a acting range he has it’s such a spectacle to see how engrossed in a character he can be as dives into the life of a frumpy aging lawyer who has spent his life fighting for civil rights not only for African-Americans but for people who have been negatively impacted by the Judicial system and he comes to the sad realization that maybe the world and the morals that were upheld in yesteryear and soon starts yearn for the things he lost out on in his prime, Colin Farrell is his boss who takes over after the owner of the Firm Mr. Israel is working for suffers a heart attack, Colin also proves what a powerhouse he can be creatively as he works off of Washington as he plays this very rich lawyer who owns multiple firms and his corporate mindset is diminishing the eagerness he once had for people that needed a fair shot against the law. Though this movie is a heavy hitting course and a showcase for both actors involved it appears that giving them this much screen time and set up cancels out any real story arc. Its appears that it was more important to Dan Gilroy that the characters reaction to any problem was actually more important than the problem itself, which is a fair and unique to put together a movie that way but it still causes the first and second act to bleed together. As you can get lost quite easily in the lawyer talk. It’s not until the last 45 minutes of this movie that any real antagonist is revealed and it’s left unresolved for the most part.
Personally if you want to see some superior acting and heavy dialogue this is definitely a movie worth seeing. I don’t think this will conjure up any nominations for the oscars but if your looking for a nice break from the crowded theaters from all the superhero/adventure genre you should be able to get into pretty easily. I’m going to give Roman J. Israel, ESQ a “B+”. If you’ve seen Roman J. Israel what did you think? And if you like what you read like and subscribe for more.

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