Trailer Breakdown:Avengers-Infinity War


The much anticipated trailer for Avengers:Infinity Trailer is finally here! After fans have eagerly theorized and guessed when the trailer would drop it appears that Marvel would end there repose on the subject and have announced that the trailer would play during ABC’s Good Morning America. the long awaited installment in which all the characters in the MCU will join forces to fight against the evil Thanos a villain that has been teased since the First Avengers film dating back to 2012. Now much like I’ve done for a few trailers this year the most recent being The Last Jedi trailer that premiered in October I’ll be sharing some points and opinions on the trailer and breaking it down scene by scene. These are just my own thoughts and don’t reflect on Disney or Marvel in any way.


  • The trailer opens with a shot from space and what appears to be earth cascaded in red clouds and destruction and a voiceover of Tony Stark saying “there was a idea to bring together a group of remarkable people” which is then followed up with Tony holding his hand which is injured and the background also matches the same red and cloudy fog that was shown earlier.


  • Next is a cut to Doctor Strange and Wong looking down at Bruce Banner as he has fallen from the sky there is not only a big hole in what might be the building they work in but also hole in the ground where Banner is lying . Im curious as to why only Bruce is on earth and not Thor since they were both headed for earth in the same ship in Ragnarok.


  • The next cut is a shot of Vision as he is opening some curtains which is then followed up by Scarlet Witch and a very human looking vision with the Mind Stone glowing atop his forehead. The setting is some type of apartment or condo so it could be possible both vision and Scarlet Witch’s relationship has gotten much more intimate and is likely there living together.


  • We get our first look at Thor as he is looking out a window in space with his arms folded the mjnoir is not in his possession and also it doesn’t look like the ship Bruce and himself departed on which still has me wondering what caused them to split?


  • Next is a look at Black Widow and she has on much more rogue looking and fitting outfit and her hair is dyed a platinum blonde she is looking off in the distance and smiling at something off screen.


  • The trailer comes back to Doctor Strange,Wong,banner and Tony Stark has now meet up with them as they all turn their attention to the streets as people are all running away from something. Strange using  his powers alongside Iron man and Hulk is gonna be such a spectacle if the trailer is indeed hitting that they will all fight together.


  • Spider-man using the Iron Spider suit is great and even the cut to his arm hairs standing up from his spider senses tingling and Peter looking out and seeing a massive portal hovering in the sky is great and all but I’m much curious as to why Peter is riding the bus instead of swinging above the busy New York streets?


  • T’Challa teaming up with a rugged and tired looking Captain America could be the focal point as it appears that this constant hiding has probably started to take a toll on him mentally and Captain America no longer bound by his own morality could make him a deadly soldier then when he stood as a Avenger.


  • “Get this man a shield” i’m voting for that to be movie line of the year.


  • Black Panther is fighting what appears to be a Outlander (I had to look that up) which Marks the third time the Avengers are going to fight a bunch of nameless,faceless and meaningless group of henchmen type characters that will come out in large droves not a great sign for a movie that should be trying something different.


  • There are several scenes of a portal in this trailer one of Thor trying to keep it open and another with spider man running across it. The “giant portal could destroy/swallow up the earth unless it gets closed” cliche that has been overworked over the last couple of years.(I’m looking at you Suicide Squad and Fant4stic) Even the first Avengers movie I’m keeping my fingers crossed that that’s not the case.


  • The Hulkbuster is back! What was arguably the best fight in Age Of Ultron was the battle  between Iron-man and Hulk which  was regrettably short-lived and I’m eager to see what Tony has instore for it in this movie.


  • A question I’ve debated with my friends on is whether or not Vision will die in this movie and that question may or may not have been answered as Thanos retrieves the Mind Stone from his forehead.   Marvel is unlikely to off a key character in a trailer (a teaser one no less) and still leaves to question who will survive in this fight?


  • Thanos holds his gauntlet up to his face and the colorful gleam of the space stone and the power stone shimmer off his glove. Which means that Thanos has tore apart the Tesseract somehow and he also taken the power stone from the Nova Corp, which the last time we saw that stone it was in a heavily guarded state at the end of Guardians of the galaxy which can only mean Thanos has already caused some havok before he even gets to earth.


  • Bucky makes his first appearance as he loads a gun and he is standing next to a group of wakandian(I guess that’s how you pronounce it) soldiers, most of the characters that sided with Captain America during Civil War are all shown together charging into battle right before the title Infinity War slowly takes over the screen. Its pretty apparent that this movie will have several different fights going on at once and that’s a task im interested to see how the Russo brothers handle.


  • Back in May Disney screened a special trailer for all those who attended the D23 convention and that footage was leaked online. If you didn’t see it consider yourself lucky because the “money shot” in this trailer when Thor ends up on the Milano with the rest of the Guardians is such a great way to end the trailer but was unfortunately ruined in that leaked footage but i’m sure it won’t take away from the excitement from the movie itself.

This is a solid teaser its remarkably different from the any other trailers i’ve seen by Marvel in the past there is no comedy or light heartedness, its readily apparent that this movie will be much darker not only in tone but story wise as Thanos who has been set up for seven years is going to unleash his power and prove just how badly he is going to shake up the core of characters that make up the MCU. If you’ve seen the trailer to Avengers:Infinity War what did you think? If you noticed anything in the trailer leave a comment and if you like what you read like and subscribe for more.

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