Ladybird is directed by Greta Gerwig and stars Saoirse Ronan(Brooklyn,The Lovely Bones), Laurie Metcalf(Toy Story Trilogy,Roseanne),and Beanie Feldstein(neighbors 2).


Greta Gerwig’s directorial debut tells the story of a teenage girl and her struggle of finding a college in the east coast and finding a life outside of the quiet and uneventfulness that she sees in her home city of Sacramento,CA all while finding out how imaginative and frightening the journey a senior in high school can be as she endures the next chapter in her young life. The relationship between Ladybird(Ronan) and her mother(Metcalf) who plays a very off putting, unfiltered mother who unintentionally belittles her daughter that is matched well with Ronan’s portrayal of a over emotional teenage girl just looking for a inkling of support from her family. As there chemistry together is incredible and could earn both of them heavy award recognition come february, I mean the opening ten minutes of this movie between the both of them is probably the best thing cinema that you’ll probably see this year and highlights both there talents as actresses.


Greta Gerwig brilliantly encapsulates the environment a high school in the early 2000s would have, I’m not sure what prompted her to set the movie in this time however it is a great touch, The warm yellowish tint and subtle nods to how culture was in 2002. The dialogue is a huge asset to this movie it feels so natural and improvised I haven’t seen a movie capture that teen dialect probably since Superbad where there’s a lot swearing and random thoughts awkwardly uttered in a disattached mumble in almost every highschooler’s voice on top of the constant need to question as well as rebel against society’s rules. Since This takes place in Sacramento this hits home for me, as I live about a hour away from the city it’s great to see a film highlight the few but great landmarks Sacramento has like the old Arco Arena,Tower Bridge at night,Club Raven. I dont think ive ever seen a movie promptly use the city in that way and captures the underrated beauty it has.
This is a “A+” in my book, i’m positive when I look back on all the movies I’ve seen this year in a few weeks this will be close to number one on my list. This movie just recently broke the record on Rotten Tomatoes for a movie to have the most reviews and still stay at 100% which is no facade to the down to the earth style a film like this has and if you do see a screening for this in your town take advantage of it  now as it is a limited release and you probably won’t get the chance to see this until the studio puts out another wide release right before or after the Oscars . If you’ve seen Ladybird what did you think? leave a comment and if you like what you read like and subscribe for more.

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