Trailer Breakdown, Jurassic World:Fallen Kingdom 

The trailer for Jurassic World:Fallen Kingdom The sequel to massive box office hit in 2015 (seriously its number four on the list for highest grossing movies of all time) debuted last night to instant buzz among those on social media, proving no matter what if you put dinosaurs in a movie audiences will flock to it and i’m no different! Growing up Jurassic Park was and still is my favorite movie, I will always remember the early mornings before I went to school when I would watch the first half and then eagerly waiting to go home to finish the rest of it, I did this numerous times probably until I hit my teen years, even now in my mid 20s I always find something to love about Jurassic Park it’s the gift that keeps giving and is the main highlight  of my childhood, but after seeing Jurassic World even though it certainly tugs at those nostalgic feelings and bringing back memories of the better times of being a kid, that’s all it really does “Jurassic World” suffers from a identity crisis making for a movie that once you get to the third act feels so monotonous you’ll wonder why you just didn’t watch the first movie again. This trailer this could be the right step towards a movie that creates its own story arc and explores past the boundaries of Isla Nublar. Just like I’ve done for Star Wars and The Avengers in the past I’ll be breaking down the trailer and pointing out what I noticed and expressing my own theories and opinion on what I saw.

  • The opening scene is between owen and claire at a bar, it seems they’ve broken up after getting together at the end of Jurassic World there conversation they have points to they haven’t seen each other in awhile either so I can only wonder what both of them have been doing in that time and whether or not Claire lost the park to lawsuits.

  • The latter half of Claire and Owens conversation is that Claire is putting together a team to rescue the dinosaurs from the island its alluded to that there is a volcano on the island and now Claire wants to act and save the dinosaurs before it’s too late. A search and rescue mission where the things your rescuing are trying to eat you?…I dig it.

  • I’m sure everyone involved including Owen would rather forget what happened at the park that is until Claire points out that “Blue” the last remaining raptor Owen was training is alive bringing owen to decide if he wants to get back the animal he has spent years bonding with and whether “blue’s” animal instinct has overshadowed everything taught to her.

  • The first shot of a dinosaur we get is a Compsognathus(Compy) scattering in destroyed remains of a gift shop however its followed up with a wide shot of a Brontosaur walking among the once busy plaza of Jurassic World. Which leads me to believe that it’s actually been a few years since the park was closed as plant life has already taken over all the gift shops and restaurants.

  • Dr Malcolm!!!! seriously the fact we got see any of the main characters from the original trilogy in this trailer is a godsend, after not even neery a mention of Dr.Grant,Sadler,or Malcom it was fair to say they probably didn’t want to come back, but seeing Jeff Goldblum reprise his role as Ian Malcolm got me so pumped! Dr. Malcolm is at a courthouse making a statement in front of some judges about how dinosaurs were “here before use and they’ll be here after us” im guessing he may be against taking the dinosaurs off the island or ever trying to build a park there again ( he has reason to from what happened to him in Lost World).

  • whats a Jurassic Park movie without its star! We get are first look at the T-Rex and its laying in a truck in some sedated state with Owen and Claire approaching it hastily, whatever reason for them to go up to it is beyond me but could be very interesting to see a team try to ship out a T-Rex again.

  • A lot of new dinosaurs we haven’t seen before make cameos in this trailer a Baryonyx emerges from what seems like a boiler room and a Allosaurus also shows up in the last couple of seconds in the trailer which if you have these amazing dinosaurs in your park, why make a Indominus Rex!?!?!

  • Owen and Blue Reunite….way to spoil that Universal! I get making a trailer that will entice people to come to your movie but have a little faith that people will still see it without desperately spilling all the beans, considering this is only the teaser i can only the amount of footage they put out for the full trailer.

  • The Volcano that was shown quickly in the beginning is back and now in full eruption which steps on my old theory, but makes for a new and much better one what if they fail there rescue mission? now there stranded on this island with all these dinosaurs and now have to escape all the sulfur and lava that is seeping slowly and are looking at there slow demise! Ok can June get here already!

  • The T-rex is shown again but this time in full action as he takes down the Allosaurus and the intensity of its roar is matched with the clouds of smoke and fire that are exploding in the background. I was surprised this wasn’t the money shot of the trailer I really thought that was a good spot to end it but it’s followed up with something that immediately gave my whole body chills…

  • The last couple of seconds of trailer are the exploding volcano hurtling rocks into a empty field as a massive stampede is running in waves away from the destruction and claire and some other i’m assuming scientist are in one of those rotating balls in Jurassic World but then the ball rotates over a cliff plunging into the dark ocean with a bunch of other dinosaurs falling into the ocean obviously at the point the Mosasaur is lurking as there sinking in the cold dark depths of the ocean.

Jurassic World:Fallen Kingdom opens on June 22,  with still numerous months to go until we get a broader look when the full trailers and TV spots start dropping in the spring. Summer’s are always crowded with movies excitement, Strategically Universal found a good spot for this opening after Incredibles 2 and a open slot the weekend after Jurassic World:Fallen Kingdom has a high chance to be the movie of the summer. Have you seen the trailer? comment below if you noticed anything and if you like what you read like and subscribe for more.

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