The Disaster Artist


The Disaster Artist is directed by James Franco(127 Hours, This is the end) and stars Dave Franco(21 Jump Street,Now you see me),Seth Rogen(This is the end,Pineapple Express),Ari Graynor(Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist,For a good time call…).


If you’re familiar with the Room you know just what a spectacle it is, it’s a horribly strung together movie…that works. The Room is equivalent to making a half-court basketball shot with your eyes blindfolded while having been spun around three times and still making it, everything about it is the opposite example on how a movie should be made and still works, it’s become very popular over the last couple of years that there are special screenings in LA at novelty theaters where they screen it to sold out audiences that come to openly mock the movie and even throw spoons at the screen, its gained the title of “best worst movie ever” that other celebrities have acknowledged its existence and was even aired on Adult Swim as April Fools joke one year. About four years ago I heard Seth Rogen on Sirius XM about the details of their next project was going to be based on how “The Room” was made, I was interested in how that would play out and whether it would be a gross out humor like “The Interview” was, giving them the benefit of the doubt was a smart decision on A24’s end as this movie is not like anything like you would expect from these two and proves that both Franco and Rogen have a real intriguing artistry and can explore past the goofball stoner Flicks.


Watching James Franco become engulfed in the character of Tommy Wiseau is so fascinating, he takes every detail into account from the outlandish “Johnny Depp” like way he dresses with a lot of accessories and outerwear to the leisurely drawn out accent he swears he doesn’t have, that within seconds you forget your even looking at James. The chemistry James has with his brother Dave is also such a great touch that it’s hard to believe they haven’t decided to work together more often in the past, Dave plays his roommate and friend Greg Sestero who gets caught up in the whirlwind oddity of this movie Tommy is creating and feels he owes this movie to his friend for helping him out but is also uneasy that this film could ruin the already slim chances he has a actor in Hollywood. A film like this could so easily become just a parody to how bad the film is, but instead of taking that route becomes a real life look at how everyone involved with “The Room” felt. The in-depth layers that prove Tommy had the knowledge and passion for film but didnt know how to execute them in right order and still made a movie that has amassed such a cult like following that hasn’t been seen before since “Rocky Horror Picture show” proving that making a movie based on his own movie needed to be made.
Amusing,Intense, and still a little bit self-aware, “The Disaster Artist” hits a emotional home run expanding the cult legacy to a movie that so greatly deserves it. I’m going to give “The Disaster Artist” a “A”. If you’ve seen enjoyed my review and want to stay up to date on all my reviews leave a like and subscribe.

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