Was The Last Jedi the right direction for Star Wars?


After two years of speculating,theorizing,and anxiously planning and waiting the experience us fans have been fervently waiting for is here! We can all take a sigh of relief and appreciate what we saw but was it what we all hoped it was going to be? After a hiatus from social media for a couple of days to avoid Spoilers, I checked back in after I had seen the movie and saw the reception to this movie was “mixed”. It had high praise from critics but fans are fairly upset that this movie failed to deliver on the secrets and arcs it teased in “The Force Awakens”. This won’t be a traditional review, but more a rhetorical question that I feel needs to be addressed on and whether or not Disney should continue to make the same movies that George Lucas envisioned or create a new vision under the tent of Disney. I will be going into detail about “The Last Jedi” so I’m warning now SPOILERS are ahead in the next few paragraphs.


J.J Abrams vision for “Force Awakens” was the perfect tribute but often is frowned upon for being that…a tribute. The story is completely parallel to A New Hope and every new character is left in shroud of secrecy and however you may feel about that movie it does leave some questions in the air about where will this new trilogy end up by the time we get to episode 9. Now here we are The Last Jedi has the opportunity to answer the questions we have been waiting on for almost two years, and this is the dividing point that has caused the uproar towards the middle installment of this trilogy.


Older franchises deserve to be shown to a new generation of potential and even hardcore fans, for that to happen it needs have a balance. A few nods to the film before it and a new direction and vision that does it service. Which is exactly what this movie did! A smaller ode to the new (Force Awakens already did a bigger one) and  now exploring the massive universe and potential to expand the Jedi order outside the Skywalker Bloodline. Of course no movie is without error but maybe nothing in this movie should be taken in face value and only looks like error to a picture that isn’t done being painted as Episode 9 is going to be the movie that brings everything to light.


Rey’s parents were downplayed to nothing more then alcoholic’s who sold her for drinking money or maybe that’s what Rian Johnson wants us to think! for J.J to play her up as someone who came from something so special she wasn’t warranted the hype that was Built around her. Ultimately I think that won’t be the last time we hear about her origin.


“Have you heard the tragedy of darth Snoke the wise” whatever theories have been floating around the internet are now left cold in the dust. The idea to have a “emperor” leader to overshadow the actions of Kylo and Hux was a gamble that may have not paid off as Snoke feels like nothing more than a bargain Sidious. But leaves the question why does everyone know him? Luke,Leia,Han, and the rest of the Republic are aware of his Dark Side mentality and he knows about Kylo and his force sensitive genetics. His death was a smart move to bring in the borders to the internal fight between Kylo and Rey. However maybe a little backstory could of helpful to clear up Snoke’s story.


Luke’s tainted view on the Jedi was a different take to the once mighty Jedi Order putting their history with a person who doesn’t wish to continue its legacy is a very unpopular choice nonetheless a different choice putting Luke in a place we’ve never seen before, it doesn’t end that way as Luke is given some helpful advice to the scene that if you seen the movie, there was no way you didn’t want to or couldn’t help to make you jump out of your seat! Yoda Cameo!!!!! Yoda’s small but important part to Luke letting Rey be The Last Jedi….for now. Fan service is always fun as long as moves the plot along and Yoda convincing Luke to get out of his slump and confront his nephew falls perfectly into the category of fan service and very much warrants

his “Force Spirit” appearance.


Empire Strikes Back was criticized hard for it’s darker tone and now 38 years later it is the most loved of the Original Trilogy. Which leads me to believe that this movie will have the same fate. Rian Johnson took Star Wars to a new place and that’s the most important thing to keep it striving, sure it may be hard to see fans come to terms with the sudden disappearance of all the “Original Trilogy” characters but this is no longer there story. The torch has been passed to the new cast and they can be the crew that creates another generation of fans that could last many decades to come.

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