My ten most ancticipated of 2018

With today being the first day of 2018, I looked at the movie release schedule this year and found plenty to be excited for. Finding ten movies this year wasn’t hard as almost every month in this year has some type of blockbuster film that will appease to the masses. However putting them in order was a bit difficult so I did my best to put these in order from least to most exciting. Remember this is my own list and doesn’t reflect anyone else’s thought or opinions.


  1. Solo:A Star Wars Story (May 25)

This almost didn’t make my list for two reasons 1.)Lorde and Miller aren’t directing it anymore and 2.) The massive reshoot schedule tells me this might be a cluttered mess. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the trailer will at least add to my minimal hype, but for now I look forward to this with some skeptical expectations.


  1. Isle of dogs (March 23)

Wes Anderson directing a stop-motion movie about a island full of dogs….that is the most Wes Anderson thing I’ve heard of, so of course I’m excited about It! It’s been four years since we got a movie from Mr. Anderson (Grand Budapest Hotel) and nine years since his last stop-motion movie (Fantastic Mr. Fox). I’m a bit nervous this won’t get a wide release and will probably have to wait until the fall to see this on digit download, so I’m keeping this low on my list for that reason.


8.The Quiet Place (April 6)

The trailer for this debuted back in November in front of Justice League. Not much is revealed in the trailer only that a family has to live in complete silence so not to disturb the monsters that lurk around their home, If this is anything like “It comes at night” where it mostly sticks to a few isolated locations and adds to the claustrophobic tension that builds up in the third act, then i’m all in.


  1. Venom (October 5)

Sony’s debut of there “Side Character Universe” kicks off with a R-rated Venom movie. I’m a bit puzzled that this is even being made since spider-man probably won’t have a big part or even any part at all, however with Tom Hardy set to portray Eddie Brock I think this has potential to be a sleeper hit in 2018.


6.God Particle (TBD)

This was supposed to come out in October of 2017 but when the year kept dwindling down and there was no trailer,news or even a poster it was safe to say the J.J Abrams produced movie that took place in the “Cloverfield Universe” was either scrapped or going to be moved into 2018. Fortunately it looks like it will be released some time this year, however there is still very little news about this movie so I’m hoping it still sees the light of day.


5.New Mutants (April 13)

Fox continues to explore new grounds not only with there own properties but with the comic book genre bringing horror into the hero element, New Mutants adds to X-men lore with it’s “madhouse experimental” theme. This may not appeal to everyone like it’s predecessor “The Dark Phoenix” will in November, but with its small budget it can definitely double it’s money in the early part of Spring.


4.The Nun (July 13)

New Line Cinema is putting together their own universe(no surprise everyone is doing it). However if this plays out anything like Annabelle:Creation, then I’m really excited to be in a packed theater with a scared audience.


3.Black Panther (February 16)

Ryan Coogler is a phenomenal director so when I saw he was helming the Black Panther movie I was excited, but it wasn’t until I saw the trailer that I knew this movie was going to be special. Kevin Feige and the rest of the Marvel Team have done a great job at bringing competent directors to there movies but rarely do they have their own style, “Black Panther” on the other hand is filled with Coogler’s blend of African and Hip Hop culture that looks and feels like a Marvel movie with more of a kick.


2.Annihilation (February 23)

Alex Garland directing a Sci-fi movie about a bubble of energy that creates,warps,and alters life as we know it!! If I was crazy enough I would just camp out in front of a theater until this came out. There is some hesitation however from Paramount and Skydance as Annihilation will also be released on Netflix just a few days after it’s Theater release. I’m sure some of that skepticism comes from it not being a familiar property, but I have high hopes for this one and wait to see this on the big screen.


1.Avengers:Infinity War (May 4)

10 years and 17 films later, Infinity War is set to be the change the MCU has always hinted at since the first “Avengers” back in 2012. This could be the darkest Avengers movie to date with a high possibility that some main characters might not make it alive. Myself and plenty of fans included having been waiting to see Thanos in action and were with roughly six months left until May, I can’t wait to see how this plays out.


What movies are you excited to see this year? Share your thoughts in the comment section and also if you like what you read subscribe in the “Follow” tab for more.

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