Darkest Hour


The dead of winter us upon us, all the hype from Christmas and thanksgiving releases slowly make there way out of the theater and movies that had limited releases during the holiday season finally go wide during January, which is the case for the movie i’m writing about now. Which I want to add the relaxed nature of a theater during this time is the best. There are no lines for anything and the auditoriums are fairly empty giving you some extra room to stretch, if your trying to catch up on some movies now is perfect time to do it.


Darkest Hour, takes place during the first month of Winston Churchill’s(Oldman) tenure as Prime Minister revealing in full detail how he handled the Battle of Dunkirk up until his famous speech “Never Never Never Surrender” in front of congress. Gary Oldman completely disappears into the role of Churchill, aided by a ton of makeup he physically transforms into the late Prime Minister, he perfectly mimics his mumbled and drunken slurring he had in his speech patterns and cadence. Even bringing his ferocious velocity he had with his own cabinet proving why he is such a staple in history. Joe Wright(Atonement) plays with the camera in interesting ways whenever Churchill was faced with a tough decision he would film him so he looked like he was in a “box”, by doing a wide shot in a room with only one light surrounded by darkness and as the movie progresses the shots get smaller transitioning from a room to a small window in a door, to eventually him sitting in complete darkness, symbolizing his options running out and when it seems like he’s run out of options and the possibility Congress voting him out of congress. He then delivers a speech to the British people that for the last 15 minutes of the movie that is enough to suck the air out the room with its energy, its beautifully shot and ends on the perfect note . Small details like that make movies like this much more interesting to watch multiple times in the future.
I’m going to give “Darkest Hour” an “A”. If you like what you read you can like and subscribe for more.

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