The Post


The Post is directed by Steven Spielberg(Bridge of spies,Jurassic Park) and reirates the story of the war for the first Amendment between the press and the Government, as top secret documents were spread out to other newspapers in attempt to expose many of the untold plans and lies that presidents had about the vietnam war. Spielberg shows no signs of aging, he’s directed four movies in four years proving why he is the best working director of our time and it’s not even because he can produce multiple movies at a speed, but more so he hasn’t lost his touch after forty years of filmmaking. A brisk pace combined with John Williams score Spielberg encapsulates that late 90s-early 00s style that was in “Catch me if you can” and interjects it into this movie.


It’s no surprise that Hanks and Streep are fantastic together, when you get a powerhouse actor and actress together on screen there talent is so seamless. Streep plays owner of then more locally scaled “Washington Post” and Hanks is her Editor-in-chief. Desperate for a lead on some of the government documents that have been leaked on the “New York Times”. They search for a source that has them, when there found and printed, both are faced with the scary reality that they are violating rules under the “Espionage Act” and face jail time. The actual government and even Nixon are never shown, which is a great touch for the main plot, the tension is still just as high and leaves plenty of room for a character arc to Streep who is also facing losing control of her newspaper when she takes her company public. The movie never lags because of it giving the best amount of time to it’s arc and still keeps the movie flowing to the actual story at hand.
Steven Spielberg looks in prime fashion, as he tackles another biopic related to government conspiracy. You can tell as he approaches the latter part of his career, he is taking on passion project. I’m going to give “The Post” a “A”, have you seen The Post leave a comment with your thoughts and if you like what you read like and subscribe for more.

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