Phantom Thread

Reynolds Woodcock(Lewis) is a highly esteemed fashion designer Who’s strict and poised personality has kept him from maintaining a real relationship, that is until he meets a woman who changes the way he acts and thinks and is willing to fight for there love and herself.


Daniel-Day Lewis has had such an interesting career, I say that in past tense only because this is supposedly his last movie. He announced some time ago that he was going to retire from acting, winning three Oscars and portraying possibly one the best movie characters in of the last ten years in “There will be blood”. I say all of this because this feels so different from anything he’s ever done before, it may be because his days of method acting may be at its end and he wanted to end on a high note with the director who helped create “There will be blood” Paul Thomas Anderson, so naturally when I saw they were teaming up again the hype was really high, these two have such a creative intensity together I badly wanted to see how this would play out. I’m surprised this is a Paul Thomas Anderson movie, coming from him this feels held back and conservative it doesn’t have the bright color and raunchiness he is so known for, its surprising, but also interesting to see him create a movie that’s so much quieter in tone.


Before I delve deeper into my opinion on Lewis again, it would be criminal if I didn’t mention Vicky Krieps performance which everyone else is sleeping on! She has such great chemistry with Lewis in a role where it’s supposed to look like they don’t have chemistry together, Lesley Manville got the award nod instead and I’m shocked that she is overshadowing Krieps. Other than performance I feel the score in this might not get the recognition it deserves either, Jonny Greenwood uses the dream like sounds you can only get out of a piano to move the scenes along. I don’t usually look for the score in a movie right away but this one stuck out so beautifully from anything I’ve seen this year.


Reverting back to Daniel Day Lewis again, this certainly isn’t his best role it’s not even top ten, however it is strong and certainly shows that Lewis still has plenty of creative juice left in his tank. This could be a situation where he feels like he could better use his time somewhere else. I plea that he try to change up the roles he takes instead, method acting takes a toll on the mind and occasionally the body. If anything he should reconsider taking smaller roles in movies…. or switch up the genre. These days you have actors and actresses like Cate Blanchett,Michael Keaton,Ben Affleck investing there talents in the superhero/comic book movies I would love to see how DDL would fair in a role like that.
Fantastically sewn together (pun intended) Phantom Thread is work of art. I’m going to give Phantom Thread an “A”. If you like what you’ve read like and subscribe for more and you find my smaller reviews of some movies on Instagram @Cinemaflavor.

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