I, Tonya


I,Tonya tells the story of Tonya Harding and her infamous involvement with the sabotage of Nancy Kerrigan, so she could have the upper hand advantage at the 1994 Olympics, will also telling her life story in the process.


Dysfunction is only shown in movies in a dark,disconsolate way it would be disrespectful to add a lighthearted feel to something to the likes of domestic abuse or any felony…that is until I saw this movie! Man who knew you could get such comedy gold from a story that isn’t funny in any way, I always appreciate dark humor even though I don’t get to see it often.(I hope not to get patronized for that) But a in bad situation the first thing everybody wants to do is laugh at it, so why not. In Tonya’s case she completely fell off the face of the earth after the incident, and who knew her personal life just as bad as her being hated for being accused of attacking Kerrigan. Her life was such a wreck it amazes me that anyone could tell it in comedic way and it would actually get some critical praise.


2017 has had several movies with strong casts The Post,Shape of water,Ladybird, and this movie is no exception. Everyone involved have such great chemistry together in a movie where it’s supposed to look like they don’t get along. Margot Robbie proves that she has acting chops, her deleterious relationship with her mother and husband putting Margot through an array of emotion that a damaged person would go through when they don’t know what love is. Allison Janney is such a disattached mother who has good intentions and shows them in such horrifying ways, Janney has always shown she can fit in solid roles but she disappears into this repulsive women I’m looking to her to win the gold in March. Sebastian Stan and his Paul Walter Kauser are comedy gold together, most of it coming from Kaiser who steals every scene he is in. Outside the Marvel films I haven’t seen Stan do any other role but it’s clear he has potential to be a leading man.


I, Tonya has some pacing problems it was only two hours but felt much longer, weirdly it’s not slow, the energy from the music and comedy there’s a rhythm to its “mockumentary” style that is nice to look at, but the second act is more a transition from one story to another and then circles back to Tonya’s upbringing again, that you don’t see much of an ending coming any time soon that had me adjusting in my seat quite a few times.
Overall this movie is enjoyable I can see this getting a good following through streaming and cable in a few years but if it’s playing near you take the time to see it. I’m going to give I, Tonya an “A”. If you like what you read like and subscribe for more and as always you can find me on Twitter and Facebook as well @Cinemaflavor.

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