Super Bowl 52 movie trailers

The Super Bowl was last night and it’s a bittersweet one, I’m so glad Doug Pederson took down the Pats but also it’s sad to see football go away for 8 months. Either way I’m sure your not here to hear read about sports, but more so the trailers that appeared throughout the commercial breaks of it. I gotta say this was a good year for it, eight trailers aired and I’m excited to share my thoughts on them. Remember these are just my own personal  opinions and if you to vocalize your own thoughts you can do so in the comments.


The Quiet Place

I’m sure this had everyone’s attention back in November when it debuted in front of Justice League, now that it got a full trailer in front of SB52 I’m sure this will be one of the biggest smaller budget films of 2018.


Jurassic World:Fallen Kingdom

If I’m going to be honest Universal should of switched trailers, this new trailer should of been the first one and the debut trailer should of aired during the Super Bowl. The tones are much different with this new trailer being the newest one brought a new exciting look at what’s in store for Fallen Kingdom and if that first first trailer would of aired during Super Bowl I’m sure the new look at the different dinosaurs and that Cameo of Jeff Goldblum in the trailer would have gone nicely with his Jeep ad that aired during the game to.


Solo:A Star Wars Story

Star Wars fans can rejoice that we finally

Get our first look at Ron Howard’s spin off film. To be honest I know it’s only a tv spot but it was pretty underwhelming, it’s style looked much like a duplicate to Rogue One with a few looks at Donald Glover as Lando and Emilia Clarke as Qi’ra. As I’m writing this the full trailer already went up so I’m hoping that has a much more detailed look at our hero in action.


Mission Impossible:Fallout

This was definitly my favorite trailer out of all of them! Who knew more than a decade later Tom Cruise would still make these movies enjoyable and with some new castmates in Henry Cavill and Viola Davis this is one I’m keeping my eye out for in the summer.



Somewhere Jason Statham is kicking himself for not getting this role, In what may be the most perfect role for him playing a man attempting to save his family from falling out of a skyscraper, The Rock takes over and proves that he is the hard working man in show business.


Avengers:Infinity War

It’s so exciting to see more promo for Infinity War as we edge closer to that May Fourth date. This time we get a TV spot with just a few more glimpses of some new material and a money shot with Captain America and his brand new Wakandian Shield.


Westworld: Season 2

During last year’s Super Bowl the trailer for Stranger Things debuted and everyone including myself was hyped for its October release date this time around im sure the excitement is just as excited for a new season of Westworld. I’ve never seen the show but something tells me I’m missing out on something good.


What are your thoughts on the trailers this year? Leave a comment and if you like what you read like and subscribe for more. I know I left out the Cloverfield trailer my thoughts on the trailer and the movie will be up soon.

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