Black Panther

Deep in the heart of Africa lies a city beyond its years named “Wakanda”, with technology and weapons that are far superior than the rest of the world. But it’s up to their new king, if he will choose to let the everyone else know about his kingdoms best kept secret.


I was pleasantly surprised to know that the whole world was hyped to see this movie social media and even my friends and family couldn’t wait to see it. Im sure the heavy use of african culture or that it’s our first MCU movie of 2018 was the reason, either way it’s so cool to see a movie bring all types of people together for a weekend. Which the product that the hype is around is so worth it the kingdom of Wakanda is so massive and beautiful the many locations from the waterfall he is crowned no g at with the many people surrounding to the open fields reveals that the city is probably as big if not bigger then a normal city in the states even Asgard which is portrayed as This luxurious place of grandeur never feels big because we never see more then two places, so the world building This time was a major upgrade.This is the first Marvel movie that doesn’t rely on a second character to sell the movie either Black Panther gives you everything you want to know about the character and is confident enough to center around not only the powers of the “Panther” but also Chadwick Boseman who plays T’Challa is a heavy hitter actor who handles the drama with a gusto, as he is challenged as a new king and his decision to do things different under his monarchy. We get by far the most complex villains in the MCU with Klau and Erik Killmonger, Michael B. Jordan gives a solid performance and will have anyone secretly rooting for him throughout the movie. Even Serkis who plays a mentally unstable man with a  Vibranium cannon on his right arm both of them were a great one two punch together… but both are completely wasted “Killmongers” small amount of screen time isnt noticable because of the performance, however he has a strong introduction and doesn’t come back until late in the second act, even Klau who technically is his debut (he has a cameo in “Age of Ultron”) fills in that gap that Killmonger is missing in and though both were great together it was a miss by Coogler to give both of them more screen time. Speaking of Ryan Coogler he is one of my new favorite directors, so I knew bringing his vision into this universe was going to be a home run. Other then the culture that surrounds Wakanda, not much is different that you haven’t seen in every MCU movie before. The fight scenes were very shaky and in the dark and if you’ve seen “Creed” Coogler’s movie prior to this you’ll see how impressive seeing a fight would look with Coogler behind the camera and it’s never fully realized I think bringing him on was a fantastic idea but not fully giving him the reign and limiting his ideas to just production design is really confusing. We also see Coogler s inexperience with extensive CGI, many scenes you see are obvious that there was green screen, which I can give a pass to considering this is his first mass budgeted movie and have seen this problem with other directors before.
Overall Black Panther is a fun time in theater and definitely one to get a group of people together to see, im going to give Black Panther a “B”. If you enjoyed what you read like and subscribe for more and check out my smaller reviews on Instagram and Twitter @cinemaflavor.

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