Annihilation centers around a group of scientists who venture into the “The Shimmer” a bubble of energy growing in earth, but when only one scientist makes it out his wife is determined to unravel the secrets that lie within it.

I’ve been fansacited with this movie since I first saw the trailer, Since then i’ve been avoiding all its promotion I wanted to go in knowing as little as possible it’s premise already looks like there’s something else to the “The Shimmer”, but also because the last time Alex Garland directed a movie he turned heads in the sci-fi world with “Ex Machina” so if he could do it again I wanted the luxury of being blown away by his direction. Annihilation is much different from “Ex Machina” however, the science fiction part isn’t as complicated and dialogue heavy in the first act, its simple yet intriguing premise of this glowing field and it’s mystery behind it holds your attention and once Natalie Portman and her crew venture into it, that’s when the science aspect kicks in about Cell reproduction and how the Shimmer is affecting there DNA. Which Alex Garland plays with in such a unique way presenting the Shimmer in a beautiful but deadly way the plant life and surrounding environment are prepossessing and the flip side is the animal life is twice as deadly now, including a scene with a bear human hybrid that scared the hell out of me.
The ending is where things get complicated as it might not stick with everyone, the origin of the Shimmer could be a bit cliche and even what happens to Oscar Isaac and Natalie Portman could have anyone scratching their heads. Not to downplay the rest of the movie however it’s aided by some dazzling cinematography,a melodic soundtrack,strong performances and diverse structure Annihilation is a movie I hope everyone sees. Lesser known adaptations need a fair  shot so more original concepts get wide releases and directors like Alex Garland get recognized. I’m going to give Annihilation an “A”. If you like what you read leave a like and subscribe for more and also follow my social media accounts on Twitter,Instagram,and letterboxd @cinemaflavor  to see my smaller reviews for movies not in theaters.

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